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Comment Re:Gnome... (Score 1) 133

I personally find I'm much more productive using recent Gnome than any other DE (I'm including OS X and Windows in this). I've never needed to configure something that gnome-tweak-tool didn't have a setting for, and I think I've been through at least two Fedora releases without needing even that. For me, the minimalism is a good thing as it means I'm not tempted to get distracted from what I should be doing by fiddling around with a gazillion options or rearranging widgets.

DIfferent strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Comment Re: Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 144

You're just showing yourself to be even more of a dumbass.

You have a mother, right? You may even have a sister. How do you think they will feel to hear you referring to women as "bitches" and "cunts"?

Maybe if you ever get close to an actual cunt you'll realise they're rather awesome things and perhaps stop using the word in a derogatory manner.

Also: What we hear when we hear you say "SJW"

Comment Re:ABOUT FUCKING TIME! (Score 1) 765

Systemd is LGPL but it doesn't matter what license it has if it's the copyright holder that's packaging and linking the commercial software alongside it. What Red Hat do with their commercial products is literally their business. It's up to you to choose to buy their stuff or not. All the Free stuff will remain Free - it's not like distros based on the Free RHEL sources such as Scientific Linux will be going away any time soon.

Comment Tinfoil hats at the ready (Score 1) 765

So you think the NSA and Redhat are engaging in a conspiracy with Ubuntu to implement a new init system that somehow has a hidden backdoor? FFS. Don't like it, don't use it. There's no shortage of distros that don't have systemd as the default init. It's all open source under Free licenses. Do what you want with it.

Comment Re:I voted today using a real paper ballot (Score 1) 388

... make the submission of a vote IDENTICAL for everyone: means pen and paper. Paper ballots go into a sealed envelope that gets dropped into a sealed and uniquely identified ballot box that is brought to the counting place. The opening of the ballot boxes as well as the counting has to be open to the public, same as it should be to allow the public to observe voting at polling places as long as that does not interfere with the voting process (5 witnesses is OK, 500 probably not). That is the only way for the public to organize voting control by tallying the votes cast and comparing them to the votes counted. It would eliminate stuffing the ballot boxes or exchanging them during transport or having special interests rig the final tallies.

That is almost exactly the way that voting works in the UK. Anyone can go and observe a count, and verify that the seals on the ballot boxes haven't been tampered with before they are opened.

Comment CyanogenMod does this already (Score 3, Informative) 214

Much of what you describe is CyanogenMod's Privacy Guard feature.

Privacy Guard is enabled for all apps by default. The first time an app requests a permission, the user is asked to allow/disallow that permission, and can choose whether to have that choice remembered or be asked every time. Disallowed permissions simply present the app with false data. Apps work fine, they just think you have no friends/live in the middle of the Atlantic/never connect to WiFi etc etc.

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