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Comment How does insurance work? (Score 1) 86

I think you can expect that the insurance carrier will require certain measures to be in place, especially reliable and tested backups. They aren't going to insure you against ransomware per se, they will only cover any losses incurred while restoring, or something similar. And it will have to be direct, quantifiable losses, such as cost of recalling tapes from storage. If you somehow found a carrier willing to insure you against enormous undefined losses due to your own failures, you can bet the premiums will be far higher than the cost of the backups.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with the Internet (Score 1) 174

Interesting. I was thinking more of that small minority of rude and obsessed people who seem to take over every conversation, start flame wars everywhere, send death threats to everyone, etc. much like spam, it doesn't take that long to generate a lot of noise if you want to take the time. So it can appear there are a lot of jerks because they make so much noise, even though only a very small percentage of the audience.

Comment Re:If you think those robots would help the elderl (Score 1) 318

Those robots are already helping the elderly, by contributing to a huge increase in purchasing power. Cheaper goods means a small amount of money goes further, which is why even the poorest people in industrialized nations are much better off (relatively) than the same strata 200 years ago.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

I would not suggest going back, but I did enjoy a lot of songs that the tape format forced me to listen to while driving. Nowadays with libraries of single songs and skip buttons, any song I don't like at first goes away. I won't bore you with an actual list, but there are a lot of songs I didn't like at first but then came to really enjoy. These would all be skipped with my modern digital setup.

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