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Comment Re:Podesta didn't fall for it - his "expert" did (Score 2) 129

There are plenty of stories available about the expert, including interviews with the man himself. I'm not sure I believe his story, but he did one thing right, which was provide the real Google link and advised Podesta to change his password AND enable two-factor authentication. Podesta used the link in the phishing email though, so even at best the 'expert' did a very very poor job of communication.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 2) 200

Perhaps parent wasn't talking about cost, just talking about the general usability. Many normal cab companies are coming out with their own apps, most of them never would have done it without Uber. The old model of standing on the street waving was far out of date, but they would never have changed due to their protected market position.

Comment Re:This is the problem with corporate income tax. (Score 1) 448

I thought you were going to say that corporations (at least in the US although I believe it is the same most everywhere) don't pay INCOME tax at all, they pay NET PROFIT tax. In other words, unlike you or me, a corporation pays taxes on what is left after it pays all its expenses, which is usually a very small percentage of gross income. There are plenty of ways to increase your expenses to reduce your net profit to zero and thus pay no "income" tax. Pretty risky if you get caught though, and you can't just stick money in the bank and call it an expense.

Comment Income isn't the only tax (Score 2) 448

There are plenty of other taxes aside from income tax. It's a bit frustrating to see how quickly "no income tax" gets transmuted to "no tax". Surely Apple is paying a lot of other taxes in NZ besides income tax. Not sales tax, as already discussed, except on purchases made by Apple in NZ. Property tax, etc.

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