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Comment Re:There's an obvious alternative explanation (Score 1) 276

Thanks, I didn't know that about starch digestion. Brings me back to Jared Diamond's book "The Third Chimpanzee" which theorized that the need to consume tubers was a major driver in human divergence from other apes. Heck, starch might even have been mentioned in that book but I don't remember it.

Comment Re:what about not giving a printer an public IP (Score 1) 83

I tried this once using cups-pdf. After about 8 months I shut it off, I didn't get any print jobs submitted to it. Very disappointing, I was really interested in what sort of things I might get. I guess no one is scanning the Internet for printers to print to them anymore.

Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 1) 256

Would you say that a presidential order restricting speech could act in ways that a Congressional law could not? That would technically avoid violating the 1st, since Congress has made no law. Your general point is correct, that private entities aren't subject to the first amendment directly. But it's important to note that the US constitution is more than just the written document, it is also all the court precedents which surround it. The UK has *no* written constitution the way the US has, it is all precedent and tradition. My point is you don't need to be quite so tired.

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