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Comment Re:Burnt out doc here: (Score 1) 326

From the other side, I worked at a hospital while it was implementing EMR, and the MDs could not be bothered to participate in anything like what you describe. Not just for the EMR, but for any technology implementation. They did have time however, to get sold crappy Windows NT backed devices by salesmen. To be fair, it seemed to be a problem of incentives, since they had to keep their patient/hour (or something like that) metric up so they resented anything that took their time away from that. I was in one design review meeting where a high-ranking doctor had been compelled to attend. He didn't contribute, just sighed loudly from time to time until the project head asked him to leave. In the end they just ended up replicating the paper forms everyone was already used to.

In the end, they ended up rolling out the EMR to the ED, and were surprised when it actually significantly increased efficiency. I left soon after that, but from what I saw I would be surprised if any lesson was learned from that.

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