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Comment Re:Labor Participation Rate, the Unmentionable... (Score 1) 502

How is it possible to have record low unemployment and record low labor participation? (Hint: it's not possible)

Hint: Baby boomers retire.
Another Hint: Students are staying in school longer
Another Hint: Unemployment is not at a record low.
One More Hint: The labor participation rate is nowhere near a record low.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 2) 502

. . . [the labor workforce participation as a percentage of the population] has been fairly steadily declining since 2008 from about 67% to 63%.

Actually, according to your own link, it has been steadily declining since around 2000 (so I'm sure that's Obama's fault).
Could it have something to do with population changes? Like Baby Boomers retiring? Or more stay-at-home moms?

Comment Re:Obama Debt, you lied (Score 2) 502

Obama inherited an almost trillion dollar deficit and a tumbling economy that reduced revenues and increased expenditures - that is what increased the debt under Obama. The deficit has been cut in half since then, which is not good enough, but better than it'll be if Trump increases "infrastructure" spending and reduces taxes.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 502

Unemployment numbers are a bit worse off today than they were when Obama took office, regardless of which measure you look at.

Bullshit. When Obama took office, the economy was in a free fall. The economy is now rising, and unemployment statistics are better. Not that I believe the president can have that much influence on particular economic swings.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in it (Score 1) 156

The lion share of computers in the world are not used by people who do real work.

Really? Because just about everyone has a computer at work that they use to do real work. That's got to be around half of the "Personal Computers" in the world, plus servers, mainframes, etc. used for work.
Nowadays, even construction workers have laptops or tablets with plans on them at the jobsite, not to mention their use of e-mail for communications, .pdfs for submittals, requests for Information, and the like, spreadsheets, project management software, word processing, etc.

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 1) 351

No rationally designed modern underground storage tank will leak gas into the soil from a bad seal.
They are typically double-wall fiberglass tanks with interstitial leak monitoring. Any "seal" that might deteriorate from alcohol would be at the top of the tank, most likely around piping penetrations, but the piping connections themselves would have solid connections without any resilient seals - stainless steel flexible hose would be used where needed to deal with vibration or expansion & contraction. It's much more likely you'll get a gas into the soil from a spill by the tanker truck filling the storage tank or the driver filling up their car.
Water getting into the tank is another story.

Comment Re:Dumb title (Score 1) 186

Instead, it's an article saying that posting on social media won't magically lead to a career. I'm confused as to why the author would ever think that posting on social media could lead to anything in the first place.

Well, my nephew's wife got a job that's mostly posting on social media. So there's that, anyway.

Comment Re:Noise pollution is a bad thing (Score 1) 361

I honestly cannot recall the last time I actually saw a blind person attempt to cross a road.

Last time I saw a blind person crossing the road, a cab making a right turn on red cut her off. Fortunately her seeing eye dog stopped her. The taxi had an internal combustion engine, anyway, and there were plenty of other vehicles each making their own noise. I don't see how, if it were electric, adding noise could've helped.

Comment Re: Does Tesla actually make a profit? (Score 1) 198

In order to go through a bankruptcy without being liquidated and ceasing to exist, they would have had to secure loans. Loans were not available to those with good credit at the time, let alone bankrupt companies. That is why the government lent them money to continue operations. Loans which were paid back.

Comment Re:NO NO (Score 1) 598

You are both wrong. Go back to local time, like it was before the meddling railroads got involved and forced time zones on us! Then keep UTC for coordination from place to place.

Since that's not going to happen, just pick a time standard and quit changing it twice a year. Since I live on the eastern edge of a time zone, standard or daylight saving would be about a half hour off local time either way. However, if I were on the western edge of a timezone, I would not want year-round daylight saving time.

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