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Comment Re:How do I stream to multiple TVs in my house (Score 1) 204

When will the bug regarding VLC no longer even seeing UPnP streams be fixed? It started with rincewind, and I'm stuck with a very old version for the time being until you fix this...
Debian Linux (Sid)
Mint Linux

I have 22 TB of MKV films I've ripped from DVD's and Blu-Rays, I've Used VLC for ten years now to watch movies which is being sent via Mediatomb, now two of my machines no longer even see the mediatomb UPnP stream. Only my old Debian Stable machines vlc still do.

Comment Re:122GB music collection? (Score 1) 214

speaking as I have an over 4 TB music collection,(luckily, I've kept every cd I ever bought, except a few stinkers, and ripped them as original .wav file using EAC or CDparanoia) audacious does a good job of playing everything I throw at it, except some of my very first .wav's I ripped or composed back in the early 90's, before MP3 was out.

Of course, back then I only had a 10 Meg hard drive, so I could only rip 5-10 second pieces of music from Cd's... but it's still funny as hell when Joe Walsh's intro to Meadows pops up inverted (I ripped the first 10 seconds where he does his vocal theatrics, then reversed it)..

now, if you want to include mp4/mkv video files, then you'll need to go to VLC, it seems to handle my 24 TB film collection being served as UPnP via mediatomb just fine.

just because xx size is overkill to you, doesn't mean someone else doesn't have a valid reason why they need it.

p.s. I also rsync (always using append) my entire collection over to two different backup servers on a weekly basis... to lose everything I've ever done on computer from music, to film, to documents, to photos, to .... would be catastrophic.

p.p.s. fuck Itunes. Never used it, even when I had an Ipod, it was always a bloated piece of crap. It sure was a PITA to hack the Ipod to install an os that allowed me to drag and drop music files on it, instead of that Itunes bullshit filesystem (those who know, know, those who don't, just ignore this)

Comment Re:call them (Score 1) 354

I just moved to an area with terrible internet, so streaming netflix is on ly barely viable, and that's only if nothing else on my network is using any bandwidth.... :( sucks.

At the same time I've noticed my netflix disks getting delivered later then stated, and received later then normal, although I only moved 4 miles geographically....

I am upset over the loss of saturdays, and have also noticed the dvd side of it getting thinner and thinner. Although I've been a member of netflix since, oh, 08 or so, I'm thinking seriously about cancelling because it doesn't fill my needs nearly as well as it used to.

unfortunate, because hulu can suck a dick with their advertising model even if you pay for a film, and amazon and google's ppv ain't gonna cut it either.

Comment Re:The Decline of Japanese Consumer Electronics (Score 3, Interesting) 202

There is absolutely no comparison, on my LCD colours look artificial and 'hopped up' after watching the exact same video on my Plasma. I know network and cable streams suck, but I have my own HTPC, with over 8000 films, and there's a huge difference.
Especially on black and white films, and especially with higher resolution video, a-la Blu-ray.

I'm sad that Panasonic (the maker of the best plasmas) has decided to get out of the business, but hopefully in ten or more years, when It's time for me to look for a new screen, OLED will finally be up to todays plasma technology.

The naysayers simply haven't done their homework. Read any review, consumer level or Professional, and plasmas always have a better picture in every way then anything else.

Their only failings are slightly higher power consumption, not quite as bright, and highly reflective screens. Lifespan? meh, 100,000 hours to 'half-life' and as others have said, old cathode ray tubes were rated 25,000 hours.

Tis a sad day, but I knew it was coming, from insiders in the business.


Comment Re:Crazy that it's still around (Score 1) 53

Just because, I went and burned a DVD, booted it, created a flashram usb,(effortless install) booted it, (really really fast boot, in the realm of fifteen seconds start to finish) created another flashram (on an sdcard, no less) booted it,(again, really really fast) booted and checked wifi on three different devices, all of which have given me mucho problems in the past. All three devices wifi was detected, and within seconds I had internet access, with no stress or effort.

I chose to create an additional data partition on each flashram, encrypted. Works a treat! if you don't enter a password at the password prompt, it will instead just boot 'vanilla' knoppix

7.2 is really nice! It even automatically enabled compiz-fusion on the netbook.


Comment Re: Why Debian? (Score 1) 191

I agree. In ten years of Debian on all my machines, I can count the numbers of 'catastrophic' failures of apt-get or aptitude on one hand, and those were all a dist-upgrade when something MAJOR changed and I didn't catch it before upgrading. IOW, there was clear wording available to warn me to wait.

Debian Sid is a perfectly acceptable day-to-day OS for desktop use, IMO.

I've also almost NEVER had a problem updating a Stable Distro to Testing, or Sid.

Debian mostly, just works. I enable non-free sources, and deb-multimedia, but that's about all I mess with beyond 'stock' Stable, or Testing, or Sid(experimental)

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