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Comment Re:Don't know how I feel about this (Score 1) 160

Did you ever make sure that /24 doesn't have an open proxy, DNS or NTP server running on it? Did you make sure that there are DNS reverse/PTR records? When using squid did you make sure it is locked down? Did you ever try removing the x-forwarded-for headers or adding them?

Comment Re:"Finding LRO was relatively easy" (Score 4, Interesting) 56

Feeding a troll but to put this into perspective they located a satellite last seen in 2009 by basically sending a signal into space and catching it's echo... all while that satellite is rotating around another giant satellite that is rotating around us...

Let's pretend that you know the old rotation...
Forget what amazing technology radar is and how even decently catching the reflection of sun off the moon in a camera is difficult...
Forget about the problems of all the other stuff that can bounce the signal back... forget that in 8 years the orbit could have changed so significantly you might not even know when the satellite will be eclipsed by the moon!! Also, the moon is only over the horizon for as long as the sun so you have 8 to~14 hours of time then the moon isn't eclipsing the satellite where a particular ground station could even hit the satellite with a signal.

The moon is 384,400 km away and orbits the earth at a speed of 3,683 km/h! It takes ~1.3 seconds for the signal to make it roughly to the moon and ~1.3 seconds to make it back! in that time the moon (and things orbiting it) have moved over a kilometer in relation to the earth!!! That's just in the time it took the radar signal to reach! Another kilometer for the return signal!

They sent the signal from one ground station and received a reflection of that signal on another, were able to correlate the exact time the signal was sent vs. when it was received, compare it with the location of other signal reflections, figure out where to point a telescope and verify this tiny little thing the size of a smart car is in fact Chandrayaan-1.

Comment Re:Yes! I knew it. (Score 1) 457

How does it's remote communicate? Can a software defined radio interact with your TV and inject code so that it connects to wireless networks? Is every other wireless device in your home basically a software defined radio with additional hardware and software in it???

Did you ever see the video of a guy using just a regular controller, real SNES, Super Mario - to inject code for to turn it into a flappy bird clone?
Understand that most all of the electronic things you have are basically just a more powerful SNES with fancier input interfaces... Given enough time and resources you can probably do anything...

Comment Re:Always Assuming... (Score 1) 224

Few people think and plan for the future. They don't put their heads together and work out a sane plan together as one - realizing that they are all on the same planet!!

As I slowly age, I wonder how many people make decisions knowing /they/ will not be on the same planet and that the immediate convenience or inconvenience outweighs the long term /not their problem/

Comment Re:Why Now? (Score 1) 251

From the media, we see a tone of "alternate facts" "I already know more" "these other people say" - how would you feel getting a government salary and you feel your work is not appreciated.

The NSA is basically a government organization that is built around science and information. Their entire existence hinges on perceived trust, reliability and revolutionary information. I am sure there are uncomfortable truths that might often fly in the face of preconceived notions. I could see that morale would be a problem when the work done is not appreciated or its perceived to be met with closed mindedness or mistrust.

In a climate where general civilian science and media seem to be under attack, it's hard to believe that it would go unnoticed within such an organization. I would also think that an open strategy to outright mislead the american public to believe this to be the case would still demoralize all but the most deeply programmed.

Comment Re: All my friends in NSA are looking (Score 2) 251

NSA is perceived as openly anti-American. If you work for the NSA, most people think that you're a crookl, even if you're just a receptionist with no power who never breaks the law.

Yes, they probably do things for us. But they have this unresolved scandal.

These thoughts make me think: Can the scandal be resolved without quantifying the things that were "done for us" or causing irreparable damage?
Do people of similar thought believe in the construct of good vs. evil where evil is evil all the time and good is good all the time? Are some people predominantly evil or do you have to be to work for the NSA?
Who or "what" would have to "go away" for the NSA to work in the interest of Americans for people like you.

*Disclaimer, I am not an American

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