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Comment Re:For years now... (Score 1) 387

Are you sure it was the firmware and not the stepper motor that controls the paper forward feed and horizontal alignment of the heads?
I would think that the electronics that control stepper motors are the same, the mounting parts the same etc. but what would make the difference between a good and a great printer would be the manufacturing tolerances and tolerances within the stepper itself.

Comment Re: Which is Stranger? (Score 1) 241

If you download something that is encoded with a codec, is it really that intellectual property until it is decoded with the correct corresponding codec?
If said codec is lossy, is it really the same work of art or a derivative?
If stenography is used to hide a message within an encoded stream?

If a bunch of random bits are distributed where some other random bits can combined to create an encoded stream, which set of random bits is the copyright work?
Maybe the Ubuntu live CD is a one time pad used in distribution of Tranformers. That would be quite clever actually...

Comment Re:I'm not "in circumstances" (Score 1) 338

Do you have a spouse, children? Do you have influence in the wants and life of others or are you all about yourself here?
My income gets spent mostly on others... taxes, children/spouse, arts degrees for strippers... whatever.
Everyone benefits when the money is flowing... the question is where is it flowing?

Comment Re:Ancient single use port (Score 1) 761

My current wireless keyboard - Logitech K750 - has been great. It is "solar powered" and despite the terrible ambient lighting in my basement it's been perfect.
It doesn't seem to ever sleep or have noticeable lag. It has never had a sync issue. The marathon mouse it came with might be on the original battery from a year ago. The cool thing about the wireless keyboard is that I can just move it wherever on my desk and there is no cord getting in the way of my wacom tablet

Comment Hinting at another unwanted album delivery... (Score 1) 761

"There's no simple explanation
For anything important any of us do.
And, yeah, the human tragedy consists in the necessity of living with the consequences.
Under pressure
Courage, my word. It didn't come. It doesn't matter."

(Yeah that's right just buy the device and deal with it. If you're lucky enough we'll shove some Tragically Hip down your throats this time.)

Comment Re:Ancient single use port (Score 1) 761

The idea of having a digital to analog converter and amp crammed next to a wireless transmitter and powered by a tiny battery probably makes the concept of truly decent, cheap, wireless audio devices a far out technology. Bluetooth AptX is already available for lossless 24bit 96kHz streaming.

As far as Bluetooth keyboard lag, perhaps you need a better keyboard setup... one that does not sleep as often. I had this old Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard that only seemed to sleep after about 2 hours and it still managed to get decent battery life. Coming out of sleep it seemed to buffer and replay the keystrokes. The keyboard worked from BIOS thanks to some weird HID mode of the Bluetooth dongle where it would cache the keys.

Comment Re:All according to plan (Score 1) 256

I always pictured AC's point to be the /real/ zombie apocalypse. Perhaps there will be mass civil unrest before technology can be truly useful or sustaining. I mean mass surveillance will only work as long as the masses can afford electricity and perhaps we may find an more immediate future where economic collapse is more sudden than the social systems can support.

Comment Re:Bad advice to forgo the V6. (Score 1) 622

My BMW 2001 330ci (3.0l inline 6 RWD) got much better fuel economy than my 2004 VW 1.8t (inline 4 FWD) and I drove the BMW much harder than the VW and both were well maintained. The BMW seemed to give at least 2.0L/100KM better economy despite not having the turbo or wideband o2s of the VW.
The study was performed after numerous anecdotes of turbo vehicles not getting their claimed fuel economy.

While I understand there could be less weight in smaller turbocharged engine blocks, there is extra weight for the intercooler piping, turbo, possibly the pistons and crank (no need for forged internals on a NA engine) plus you have to cool the turbo and hotter burning combustion chamber which isn't free. Nor is the back-pressure helpful.
The 2001 passat 2.8l v6 was 1428 kg and the 1.8t 1451kg - the 2.8l was an aluminum block vs iron on the turbo. I get better highway economy with the V6 and got better shot trip/city fuel mileage with the 1.8t.
I thought the big benefit to a turbo engine is that you could add more fuel if needed and make more horse power with a smaller engine - I'm skeptical about magical efficiency claims

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