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Submission + - PepsiCo Unveils Bottle Made From Food Waste. 1

tetrahedrassface writes: PepsiCo has unveiled a new bottle that ups the ante in unfolding "Container War Saga". This new bottle is made of food scraps and waste material from Pepsi's diverse food manufacturing facilities. This new plastic from Pepsi is in response to Coca Cola's "Plant Bottle", with a couple of provisos, and quid pro quos. First this new plastic is entirely made of food waste, and second it hasn't been commercialized yet. Don't let that deter you however. In a few short years all of our High Fructose Corn Syrup infused libations will be available in this mind soothing and reassuring non oil based plastic. PepsiCo says the bottles are made of switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials. They also plan to use orange peels, oat hulls, potato scraps and other leftovers. Yum!

Submission + - Cutting Prices is the Only Way to Stop Piracy (

Stoobalou writes: The only way to stop piracy is to cut prices. That's the vedict of a major new academic study that reckons copyright theft won't be halted by 'three strikes' broadband disconnections, increasing censorship or draconian new laws brought in under the anti-counterfeiting treaty ACTA.

The Media Piracy Project, published last week by the Social Science Research Council, reports that illegal copying of movies, music, video games and software is "better described as a global pricing problem" — and the only way to tackle it is for copyright holders to charge consumers less money for their wares.


Submission + - Satellite Images of Japan Before and After Quake (

autospa writes: "In Japan over 10,000 are feared dead after a massive earthquake and a tsunami swept the northeastern coast. As nuclear explosions continue to rock the earthquake-stricken country, the magnitude of the devastation and flooding is extensive. View Japan's northeastern coast in satellite images, before and after the destruction."

Submission + - Sprint sued for "Premium Data" charges (

wizkid057 writes: "Sprint is once again being targeted by a class action lawsuit for overcharging it's customers.

Since the release of the HTC EVO 4G and, subsequently, the Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S) phone, Sprint has been forcing users of these devices to pay an additional $10 per month "Premium Data" fee on top of paying for a plan that already includes unlimited data.

As of January 31st they took this one step further and now require that all new smartphone activations (Android, Blackberry, Palm, etc) include additional $10 fee for unlimited data access on top of their existing unlimited data plan.

Some people, myself included, are obviously taking some offense to this double dipping and have submitted a class action lawsuit against the overcharges.

No one at Sprint can define what "Premium Data" I am getting by paying this fee."


Submission + - 5 Reasons Why the iPad 2 Sucks ( 1

JimLynch writes: "Well here are again, a new Apple product has been launched and various presstitutes are falling all over themselves about it. This time around it’s the iPad 2 that has so many journawhores gasping for breath and oozing Apple worship. Ugh. Must we go through this yet again simply because of a new iProduct?"

Submission + - Blogger Fined $60K For Telling The Truth (

jfruhlinger writes: ""Johnny Northside," a Minneapolis blogger with less than 500 readers a day revealed that a University of Minnesota researcher studying mortgage fraud had been involved in a fraudulent mortgage himself; the blog post was at least partially responsible for the researcher losing his job. The researcher then sued the blogger and won — despite the blogger having his facts straight. Johnny Northside plans to appeal the verdict."

Submission + - The Coolest Tech Tour Ever: A Look At How SRI Is A (

emilyann writes: SRI International, which employs 1,700 researchers, has been busy on a number of things from radar, ultrasound imaging, remote surgery, and much more. It has also been incubating a few things that have turned into startups. My favorite example is Siri, which is an assistant for your iPhone. Apple bought that last year for a rumored $200+ million and I’ve been hearing rumors that we’ll see some of that work as part of the iPhone 5 launch later this year. More about Siri later.

Submission + - SPAM: No potential startup founder left behind

missdebbie writes: It looks like the enviable track record of startup accelerators like TechStars and Y Combinator derives from identifying something you might call ‘Foundational Capability’ as the basis for startup success, but there is a dark side
Link to Original Source
The Courts

Submission + - LimeWire Has Proof Studios Profit From File Sharin (

Anonymous Coward writes: "As most of our readers will know, LimeWire was once one of the most used file sharing clients in the world. A few months ago it was forced to cease its operations following an ongoing battle with the entertainment industry. In regard to damages being imposed on LimeWire they have stated that discovery has shown that the entertainment industry has made a profit from file sharing.

Several studios were granted damages for secondary copyright infringement by a federal court in May last year and discovery was ordered by Judge Debra freeman to determine the amount of damages. In February this year, Judge kimba Wood called for the studies to produce further documents to LimeWire which may result in greater support for their assertion.

LimeWire made the request for further information as they claimed Freemans order "indicated (1) that Plaintiffs were attempting to 'blacklist' LimeWire; (2) that certain employees of Plaintiffs had exoressed a desire to work with LimeWire; and (3) that Plaintiffs believed user downloads through LimeWire had actually increased Plaintiffs' revenue"

The order was expanded but the studios stated that to do so would breach attorney-client priviledge. Wood then limited discovery to documents not covered by this priviledge. She then stated it was "reasonable and appropriate" for studios to "minimize the exposure to copyright infringment". Wood also reversed an order by Freeman no longer forcing non parties MySpace, Yahoo! and iMesh to provide discovery.

The trial to determine the final damages will be held on May 2nd 2011.

If your still struggling to find a replacement for LimeWire why not check out our Top LimeWire Alternatives. Otherwise, there's always LimeWire Pirate Edition"

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