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Comment Re:Paging Mr. Roark (Score 2, Interesting) 616

I beg to differ. Evolution was for me *the* killer app of Gnome.

As someone who worked on a helpdesk supporting commercial linux software in a 100% FOSS environment I needed a powerful mail client to replace mutt (and all the associated power user features) when the CEO mandated we send all our email in HTML. The only mail client at the time that came even close was Evolution, and it had great features for managing a mailbox where I received 100+ emails a day.

Comment Re:I disagree (with your disagree) (Score 2, Informative) 550

I don't normally reply to anon or trolls, but what the devil are you smoking? What a total misuse of "THE exception that proves the rule" you blithering monobrowed goatbanger. This instance the exception BREAKS the rule, making it not a rule. Dear lord.

Here, read up on it:

Comment Re:For the two people who don't already know (Score 1) 286

Why can't people be straight up and keep the money?

In this case, I have two theories:

1. Inman is trying to prove a point that he can easily come up with the $20,000 he needs, but he won't give it up nor keep it and do the next best thing to casually tossing it aside while remaining beyond reproach. This is a calculated insult and warning to any further legal shenanigans i.e. I can not only pay you right now, but I can also afford better legal defence than you. Fuck off.

2. Inman is trying to create good will and publicity, carefully positioning himself for a counter-suit.

It is entirely possible he is just a un-douchie sort of bloke, but the two theories above presume he is also intelligent. Which he seems to be.

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