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Submission + - 16 Canadian zombies rushed to hospital (gamepron.com)

dotarray writes: Emergency crews have been called to a street in Toronto, Canada, to examine reports that a number of zombies had been injured. Twelve undead were taken to hospital, suffering from minor cuts and bruises, arm and back injuries, with one sustaining a broken leg.

Comment Two bittorrent features listed on IMDb. (Score 1) 207

We have released two indie feature films under Creative Commons licenses through Mininova using BitTorrent, and both have been listed on the IMDb. In both cases we had a very limited screening - you just rent somewhere large enough and do your own screening, that's perfectly valid. In both cases, that was enough for our flicks to get listed. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1265599/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1334226/

Comment Fantabulistic! (Score 1) 528

Great new feature - but not precisely new. It's been in WM's like ion3 and fluxbox for years - I used to damn-near rely on applications tabbed together in ion3's non-tiled workspaces for lots of stuff I was doing several years ago when I worked at a Linux-based dev-shop.

Comment Issues of Awesome (Score 1) 381

It is a matter of public safety that google has not released a Linux or OS X version yet. You see, if the incredible Awesome of Chrome were to clash with the respective Awesome of either Linux or OS X, there would be an overload of Awesome, which in turn would become an explosion of Rad. This would cause a resonance-cascade incident that could result in fires, floods, a breakdown of world society and possibly also cause supermarkets to run out of most forms of effective cleaning products.

Comment Dear Mr George Lucas... (Score 5, Funny) 592

Dear Mr George Lucas, I greatly enjoyed your new Star Wars movie, especially the part where Han Solo went to Hoth and met Yoda, who has grown taller now that he's not a puppet. I also enjoyed the way the Death Star looks pointier now and can drill into planets, before dropping a black hole in them. Because if they'd dropped the black hole in there without drilling first, the planet wouldn't look as good when it was destroyed. I especially enjoyed the way you placed Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in the engineering section of the Millenium Falcon so that we could enjoy more inane action sequences involving tubes. Yours, A Fan PS. The production designers of Aliens and Starship Troopers would like their dropship sequences back now.

Comment Re:Spycraft: The Great Game (Score 1) 249

I'm trying to imagine a sequence in a GTA-esque game where you have to torture someone for information, and I don't think it'd work. The game is too farcical - you'd need the sequence to be in a more 'dramatic' game. And I think you're right. The odds of a gaming company, even a "controversial" one like Rockstar or Running With Scissors, is very slim. Even Rockstar's Manhunt games stopped shy of torture.

Comment Spycraft: The Great Game (Score 5, Interesting) 249

An old live-action video game from the mid '90s titled Spycraft: The Great Game had a torture sequence. You had to interrogate someone and had control over how much voltage to use. It was quite easy to inadvertently kill her - and I will say that the first time I hit a switch and saw an actor screaming in pain actually was very jarring. Even knowing damn well it was an actor in a video game.

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