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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Wow... That took nearly two and a half years! 2

It has been done! You know one of these long-standing projects that you always wanted to finish, but never got around doing completely? Well, this time, I did it. I'm sure you wonder what I'm talking about: In May 2008 I bought a Soekris net5501-70 to replace mako.sharks, which you guys know as "". It had been hosted by three different machines over the years and they all had one thing in common: they made noise. I tried many things to reduce it, but in the end this buzz remained. Luckily, not all that bad... You got used to it. Now this thing is.... Silent. Yes, you hear a faint humming when you put your ear next to it, but that's it.

The silence is eerie...

Still, it really is a shame it has taken two an a half year. I started, did some migration tasks, didn't have time and/or a new OpenBSD version came out and I said "Well, I have not progressed that far, I'll just redo it with the new version", etc, etc... This time, I bit the bullet, and my luck was that I recently migrated (intenally known as mowgly.jungle) which gave me a headstart and configuration files that I had made from scratch. That's a good thiing, cruft and changes seem to accumulate quite a bit over all those years.

For the record, technically this isn't an upgrade: the machine it replaces was an AMD64 3000+ with 2GB RAM and the Soekris is just a AMD Geode 500MHz with 512MB RAM. I hope it will be enough. I remember running an imap server on my original server (I think it was a P-I 166MHz) and that was simply too much for it. Seems to be working fine right now, though.

Next step: set up a VPN between the two networks and do DNS/Master slaving between their DNS servers.

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Wow... That took nearly two and a half years!

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  • Congrats on tying off that loose thread. Its nice when you manage to kill off a lingering project the way you intended.

    Sounds like a lot of work to host a cv though.

    • I've got plenty of lingering projects. As a matter of fact, redoing the website is one of them...

      However, the website is only the visible part. Had you probed the address, you would know that it also hosts a mailserver and an imap server. That's the "external" view you have though. Internally, it represents the "backbone" of my network. It is my router/firewall/NAT, does DHCP, NTP, Bind, a Samba server for internal use and the plan is to backup it nightly. (It's got 1TB disk space, which is plenty).

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