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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: My CV is online, but that was stupid. 12

I get about two reactions on my CV online per month. You know the one on jawtheshark.com. However, it attracts people wanting Java people and Documentum experts. I don't want that, I want to do Linux, *BSD or open source. Heck, I'd even become a webmonkey doing PHP on MySQL! However, my CV is sooooo "Java", sooo "Windows" and sooooo "I love proprietary software, and please don't even use vaseline when butfucking me", that I seriously consider taking it offline.

Yeah, I know, you're supposed to tailor your CV to what you want, but that would end up in my basic data and "Lemme do Leeenux, pleeeeez".

Aren't there any recruiters out there that realise that a computer scientist is actually supposed to adapt really quickly to a new environment and that 10 years of experience doesn't mean much, except in few niches.

Oh, and my wife is against me becoming a homemaker. :-(

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My CV is online, but that was stupid.

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  • What is it with these wimmens? Can't live with them, can't live with'em.
  • I think that would get the message across. Perhaps in multiple languages?
    • Well, considering everyone here talks 3 languages, I'm not going to get that far with my 4 languages. (Now just ignoring that Luxembourgish is technically yet another language, but it doesn't give me an edge at all.)

      So, alas, not going to work. :-(

  • I thought the standard approach to qualify for open source development was doing some. I'd presume after a kernel module or two you should have some credibility with potential employers.

    Oh, and why would you want to become a homemaker? Family growing?
    • Yeah, except my wife doesn't like me working in my free time on the computer. A bit of slashdot is already too much.... So, programming a full-blown kernel module?!? Hehe, I like those odds.

      Homemaker? Because I hate my job and there is nothing much else I can do? No kids coming, but I can arrange that if I can convince the wife. Think of the tax advantages my wife would get if I was "à charge". There is also not much change in me being able to keep a tech job in the next 10 years. Older peo

      • How about starting a business? Or learning something new?

        I mean, tax advantages all nice and good, but homemaker because you don't feel like working won't enhance your sex appeal.

        About the project management, give it a try, it may not be as bad. I'm trying it as well right now. Of course I'm incompetent overall, so I am qualified ;-)
        • How about starting a business?

          Thought of it: no business plan. Everything I think of seems to be covered in Luxembourg. Besides, it takes up to five years to become profitable and if you fail, you lose your shirt.

          Or learning something new?

          Extremely expensive when doing it on the side. (Look up what an MBA costs or even Cisco trainings) When doing it full-time, you cost (a lot) of money and bring nothing in.

          homemaker because you don't feel like working won't enhance your sex appeal.

          I don't need se

          • My overrated and often off-topic advice would this time involve telling the wife to pick a hobby, and go code some.

            Biz plans also don't fall out of the sky, they happen in front of you. Find people in the neighborhood with crazy pet projects and join them. And even IF something is covered already (like, what isn't) , there may be opportunities to weasel ahead.

            I mean. Get busy. Make a "website" for her if that's boosting your skills. It's what you will love the most, and if she cares, she must also see the b
            • Technology + My Wife = Incompatible.

              She doesn't even care enough to learn how to use iTunes... If anything needs to be done on a computer, I do it. Writing letters, scanning pictures, managing photos. That's the situation I'm in.

              • My overrated and often off-topic advice would this time involve telling the wife to pick a hobby, and go code some.

                Just for the record: I have a wife with an insane amount of free time. You simply have no idea. She has tons of hobbies, but when I'm there she prefers to spend time with me. So, she has *a lot* of hobbies, but they are done when I'm not there.

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