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Comment Nibiru? (Score 1) 520

I hate to troll but if it were possible that our solar system is a dual star with a brown dwarf, like Nibiru, as the star approaches would it change gravity and possibly make the weight lighter that originally weighed?

The only known potential infrared image I've seen suggesting it had the coordinates 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 56". I've looked at more recent images in that portion of the sky and there is nothing. Was it there to begin with? Did it move as it should? Where is it if it exists?

Comment Re:1,000,000 jobs lost without Net Neutrality (Score 1) 187

My point is that my constitutional freedom and liberty is not being defended. Not by the telecoms, not by the government, and not by you. My point is that I'd rather pay a little extra to protect what America stands for: freedom and liberty. And lastly, sane regulation keeps the game fair. My proof is that net neutrality got us where we are today.

You seem to have lost my point in your corporate propaganda induced rationalizations.

What part of all my messages did I say "government is efficient?" Don't put words in my mouth.

Comment Re:1,000,000 jobs lost without Net Neutrality (Score 1) 187


Dude, you haven't addressed the fact that oligopolies make their own rules and don't play by capitalism or entrepreneurial rules. Every point you've made is moot until this is addressed, which is why I asked you to address this. Oligopolies don't fight to give you what you want. Oligopolies fight to take more of your money either directly or through government subsidies. That is what they are fighting for in their battle against net neutrality. They use corporate bull crap propaganda to get people like you to get all defensive about "capitalism" and "yay, deregulation" when they really are about as antithetical to capitalism as it gets. If you buy into it, great, but don't expect their arguments to win me over just because it came out of your mouth.

You are absolutely correct.... if it were not a captured market with so few choices that to disavow such unconstitutional behavior means no internet for you.

Comment Re:1,000,000 jobs lost without Net Neutrality (Score 1) 187

The telecoms aren't by decent entrepreneurs today and thus don't play by the same rules.

They, in fact, make their own rules with lobby power... including the ones to remove your ability to say what you just said. Or really. being pro-corporations, you would be fine. I could be blocked for my views. Some day you may be against corporations for something else and could be blocked. Extreme, yes, but without restoring the regulation that has gotten us to the point we are at (ahem.... WITH NET NEUTRALITY), this has become a possibility.

Are you really arguing that not having referees at a sports game is better because it frees players to kill each other? That's not a game, that's something else entirely. Rules are there to keep things sane. Not over regulate, which you seem to be confusing with my view. There are just enough rules in chess to keep things structured but not over burden. Net Neutrality was not a burden and we got many many great things out of it. This doesn't seem to be a part of your value equation but is a part of mine and many other geeks out there.

Your argument doesn't address the reality that net neutrality creates jobs at least in the instance of that large telecom merger a few years ago. You don't need studies to show what affect it had. People lost their jobs, and customers got slower service due to the lack of build out. Your argument also doesn't address the overwhelming political power held by telecom oligopolies or their "donations".

To me, the only incentive to not having net neutrality is more money for the telecoms. Do you have evidence otherwise? Or do you just have some corporate study to back your understanding? Personal experience also counts.

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