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Comment This is actually good news (Score -1) 359

What you guys don't realize is that the rewrite is mostly done. Moving components to C#/WPF already took care of that, and I'm sure newer code is word size agnostic. Furthermore, you now have a guarantee that Microsoft is committed to 32-bit compatibility. When they finally make their 64-bit version, you better hope you're done with 32-bit too.

Comment Democrats are almost extinct (Score -1) 70

Listen for it boys, the Left is dying and desperate for an audience, and acting crackpot as all shit. Since 2008, Democrats in Congress have withered to the lowest House membership since Truman because the people are not entertained by them or their ideas anymore. We don't care if air pollution causes galactic war, we will STILL never trust them to handle it without screwing us in the process. After Trump gets in, the last of them will be excised by the voters like a hated tumor. RING DING DONG, motherfuckers.

Comment Re:Sucks to see the Republucans... (Score -1) 200

Hey stupid fucks, you might want some facts in your diet about which faction supports what. Ask why Obama defended and expanded Bush's police state instead of ripping it out of the ground. It's the leftist (read: Democrat) nihilism of redistribution and economic "regulations" that are going to kill us. Yes, your publicly-funded "education" was worthless.

Comment The U.S. federal government is choking us (Score 0) 210

People seem to enjoy this myth that FDR saved us from the Great Depression. Not even close. It was FDR's death that saved us from it, because his authoritarianism was fairly similar to that of his wartime rivals, and he had his own shades of Obamacare planned for after the troops came home. What he left us was an all-powerful Presidency that is so overloaded with improperly-delegated powers of legislation that a fellow mental midget like Obama could wreck any aspect of American society at will. There is no hope until the Constitution is restored, and all of this socialism nonsense is just feudalism and the Divine Right of Kings under new marketing. Technology will make us equal to our governments as surely as guns and household automation made us equal to each other, and then nobody will oppress another ever again, not even under the advice of a student loan-funded leftist quack professor who predicts "climate change" but can't even fucking tell us tomorrow's rain forecast.

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