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Comment Re:Exploding heads (Score 2) 173

Android changed this year. SafetyNet does make the android eco-system more secure. However, it does not make an individual phone any more secure for the end-user.

SafetyNet is a bit like tripwire. It does a verification of running root-level processes and sends a signed device checksum off to Google. If your device is rooted / has malware / etc. then it won't pass this check. There are no indicators to the end-user that something bad has happened to their phone except that any apps that use SafetyNet will no longer work - e.g. Pokemon Go, Android Pay and the PlayStore.

The phone will still be usable, you can still side-load apps etc. so this actually encourages end-users to continue to use a phone that's probably got malware.

Oh and you can still root a phone, then unroot it and it'll be happy again. This is a security layer that benefits the the app developers only, no more cheating at online games.

However - I would hope this change would give the vendors a real motivation to release updates. If Apps are "No longer compatible with this device" because they are not keeping the phone updated with new releases, then you'd have a real legal case to return the phone. Not so much in the US, but the EU has good consumer protection.


Comment Re:A decade late? (Score 1) 193

From the VISA Website "If your card is lost or stolen you should notify your bank as soon as possible. If anyone has fraudulently used your contactless card to make a payment, providing you take reasonable precautions to protect your card and let your bank know as soon as you realise it’s gone, you will not be responsible for any losses incurred (subject to your bank’s terms and conditions)."

In other words you are not responsible for any losses. Provided you report it lost as soon as you realise.

They are very low value for any fraudster - the best they can hope is a few contactless transactions and probably each one runs the risk of being caught (and on CCTV).

VISA seem prepared to take the hit - so what's the issue?


Comment Re:RFID sleeve? (Score 1) 193

It's the intelligence of the reader - our library scanner can read multiple cards simultaneously. - because it's only a one way transaction. So it's perfectly possible to read.

The problem in a POS environment is they need to charge the transaction to one card only. Picking a random card in the customers wallet isn't appropriate.

This whole thing is nonsense anyway.. The reader will only show the publically available info which is the 16 card number and expiry. No CCV and No customer name. It's of no use whatsoever for online or contactless transactions.

About the only thing it could be good for is some casual analytics.


Comment Re:Well Duh! (Score 1) 127

And it wasn't that either..

It was more like, we "accidentally" found out some information about an employee, can we use it in a disciplinary. - Answer yes.
It sounds like some chat logs or similar were saved on the work PC and came up in an investigation, seems fair enough.

This isn't the mega ruling it seems.


Comment Re:PIC flashers (Score 1) 190

Yes, it is easy now. It used to be harder. The PIC16F84? was the start of it getting easier, but it always used to require some pretty weird voltages. The pin-outs and programming routines were different for each device, so it was a right old mess. The adaptors and so on used to often be the most expensive part of a programmer.. These were essential when it wasn't possible to program in-system. So yes, anyway, it was expensive and a hobby itself to create a programmer.


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