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Comment Re:Grow Up (Score 1) 965

I find Metro to be awful on the a traditional desktop. Never use it. But I don't miss the start menu that much as I found that I had stopped using it anyway.

In windows 7 I pinned my most used apps to the taskbar. The only time I used the start menu was by pressing the win key and starting to type to perform a search. It works the same way in Windows 8. If I had any complaints it would be that being a metro app the search takes up the full screen.

I get the idea of apps that make win8 boot straight to desktop. But it seems a bit of overkill for something that can be accomplished by pressing win+d?

Comment Re:This really pisses me off. (Score 1) 109

I also bought Fences Pro. Despite the website saying you require impulse, the confirmation email they sent contained a direct download link for the program as well as a link for Impulse. The config screen for Fences allows you to both manually check for updates as well as set it to automatically check. I have not had to install Impulse to download, use or update this program. I think in this case they must have realised forcing the use of Impulse for a simple util was overkill.


Submission + - "Global Katrina" Solar Storm in 2013 (ft.com) 1

iONiUM writes: "The Financial Times writes "Senior officials responsible for policy on solar storms – also known as space weather – in the US, UK and Sweden urged more preparedness at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington." The Solar Storm in 2013 is predicted to cost the world economy upwards of $2 trillion, and potentially shut down trading systems as dates become unreliable. In addition, it's widely expected that GPS satellites will also go down."

Submission + - SPAM: UK Company Targets Social Porn Fans

lisa.crockett writes: "London-based mainstream company Monster Advertising has expanded into the world of online adult entertainment with the launch of a URL shortener designed to meet the needs of porn fans who use mainstream social networks.
The product, S6X.it (pronounced “sex it”), is free, widely available and devoted to folks who want to share links of a sensitive-but-legal nature. Shortened links are essential for social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but abbreviated pointers to explicit adult content are frowned upon by some of the more well-known link shorteners currently extant. Previous attempts to create porn-specific similar services have met with domain shutdowns by registrars concerned about their public image."

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Submission + - SPAM: Monster Launches URL Shortener S6X.IT

lisa.crockett writes: "YNOT – London -based mainstream company Monster Advertising is expanding into the world of online adult entertainment and targeting U.S. social network denizens.
The company’s first move was to launch S6X.it (pronounced “sex it”), the first free and widely available URL shortener devoted to folks who want to share links of a sensitive-but-legal nature.
According to Monster, S6X.it was developed specifically for the short-attention span of the average flesh-obsessed internet user which the company spokesperson indicated “is pretty much everyone,” given that “sex” remains a popular internet search term."

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Submission + - Facebook Password Requests Suspended

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Washington Post reports that Maryland's Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has suspended a roughly year-old practice of asking prospective employees to voluntarily divulge their user names and passwords to social media Web sites such as Facebook. In a statement, the department said requests for user names and passwords had been voluntary, and had not been taken into account when evaluating job applicants. Nonetheless, "in light of these concerns raised by the ACLU and because this is a newly emerging area in the law, the department has suspended the process of asking for social media information for 45 days to review the procedure and to make sure it is being used consistently and appropriately.""

Submission + - Microsoft Offers Free Azure Trial (itworld.com) 1

itwbennett writes: "Hoping to lure developers to cloud computing, Microsoft is offering up a free trial of its Azure service. Participants of the free trial can choose one of two options: 750 hours of use on an Extra Small Compute Instance, or 25 hours on a Small Compute Instance. An Extra Small Compute Instance offers the equivalent of a 1GHz processor with 768MB of working memory, which normally costs $.05 an hour. The Small Compute Instance has a 1.6GHz processor, 1.75GB of working memory, and typically costs $0.12 an hour. 'This extended free trial will allow developers to try out the Windows Azure platform without the need for up-front investment costs,' a Microsoft blog entry explained."

Submission + - BigMedia shuts down Ivi.TV (www.ivi.tv)

Anonymous Coward writes: "A notice to all ivi TV subscribers and interested parties.

As you may be aware we have been in a fight to provide affordable Cable TV for the Internet.

Today the Southern District Court of New York granted a preliminary injunction in the case 1:10-cv-07415-NRB. We will be appealing the decision in the second circuit but in the interim we must shut-down most of our broadcast channel offerings."


Ubisoft's Authentication Servers Go Down 634

ZuchinniOne writes "With Ubisoft's fantastically awful new DRM you must be online and logged in to their servers to play the games you buy. Not only was this DRM broken the very first day it was released, but now their authentication servers have failed so absolutely that no-one who legally bought their games can play them. 'At around 8am GMT, people began to complain in the Assassin's Creed 2 forum that they couldn't access the Ubisoft servers and were unable to play their games.' One can only hope that this utter failure will help to stem the tide of bad DRM."

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