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Comment Re:How much is the fine for false information? (Score 2) 129

"The ABS will certainly try to force compliance—fines range from AUS$1800 (~£1,000 or ~$1,370) for providing false information to AUS$180 per day for failing to submit the form. But the agency will have no real way to verify the answers provided by those who do complete the form as accurate. Failure to vote in the Federal Election last month resulted in only a AUS$20 fine."

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 37

Post by the researcher is quite nice and understandable.
Basically Avast opens a local port for the purpose of interprocess communication (or RPC to be specific). It listens to properly formatted post requests (that can be easily sent from another page you open) and performs some actions from predefined list. One of those actions allows to launch this weird "safe" browser with an arbitrary url. Since Avast removed some chromium safety feature it allowed launching dev tools with some arbitrary controlling javascript, allowing acces to local files, doing requests using stored cookies etc.
Other application are generally not affected, because they dont provide this local port, so they cant be remotely launched in an easy way (Avast command list is limited, so you cant launch random stuff).

Comment Re: First question... (Score 1) 20

No, they are not getting the customer base. They are buying only IP so patents, software etc. They are not taking over the service (its going to get closed) and their own similiar stuff will not appear for about a year more, so likely there will even be no indirect transfers of the "we are closing, but you may like..." kind

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

Main reason not to do this is the fact that you would still need to build and provide 32 bit versions for users on 32 bit only systems (eg windows xp still has about 10% share and its all 32bit). Then you also get bonus support issues when users download the wrong version, it doesnt work for obvious reasons and they explain it in some completely incomprehensible way to your support (or just drop your app altogether).

Comment google did it in a wrong way (Score 5, Informative) 381

Google just removed the results from some local domains (fr, etc), but left it working for com domain. Basically it means they failed at delisting since EU citizen can still easily avoid it. Instead they should comply by doing some kind of geoip delisting as then they would be really compliant within EU jurisdiction.

Comment Re:It's been going on...for months (Score 1) 112

If you want to make it consumer friendly you need to have vendor server for one puprose: finding your device from the internet. Otherwise to get it to work you would need to input some magic numbers* (that may even change sometimes randomly!) or setup some strange services** you dont understand. With vendor server its just few simple clicks.

* IP address
** DNS

Comment Re:should be higher (Score 1) 229

You do realize that retail games dont count, right? So all the people with several AAA titles bought in their local store (or just somewhere else on the internet) lose their ability to for example participate in mod discussions (workshop). In some parts of the world steam prices for new games (without big sales) are extremely high compared to those in stores.

Comment Re:I did not even get half the speed (Score 1) 142

The hardware is quite likely the problem. There are only few consumer grade gigabit routers that can handle anywhere near the max speed between internet and local network. Its slowly getting better as now most get to 600-700Mb/s (or more), but just few years ago barely anything got above 500.


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