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Comment Re:Social Enginerring (Score 1) 421

This sort of depends. If you have a decent product that sells, doing this would be suicidal. But if your product has barely any customers and its because people are not aware of its existence? This kind of media attention can actually greatly enlarge your market niche and even though you scare some potential customers away you will still have net profit in number of customers

Comment Re:28k in a country of 1.25 billion (Score 2) 114

In Poland in such case you would get disciplinary firing - it goes on an employment certificate which you are expected to show your next employer (you can avoid it, but it would be very suspicious). This is only true for standard work contracts. Other types of contracts are often used to limit costs and avoid regulations related to work contracts.

Regardless of employment type your former employer can also sue you for losses and lost income caused by your sudden departure

Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

I remember reading statistical analysis about profitability of being bank robber (how much you can steal before being caught, how long will you spend in prison etc). The results gave a pretty bad outcome compared to just working even for low salary. Still if you consider you dont have to spend anything during your stay at prison it wasnt that bad. Also being actually a smart guy might move this profitability much higher as statistics obviously included everyone that tried it.

Comment construction workers (Score 4, Informative) 364

essential fragment from the report (page 28):

Proportionally, solar employment accounts for the largest share of workers in the Electric Power Generation sector. This is largely due to the construction related to the significant buildout of new solar generation capacity.

On pages 37+ there are some graphs with employment category distribution and construction and installation accounts for over 37% of solar employment (compared to less then 5% in coal and not even on graph for oil and gas.

Comment Re:Ranking of reviews is better (Score 1) 62

- iOS has 2 ratings. Current version rating and all time rating. I hate this as it's actually stifling innovation on the App Store. Why? Because the keyword search rankings are affected by current version rating. So if you submit a new version of your App it resets to zero and your App falls in ranking as do install numbers. What you end up with is a top 10 (no one ever looks beyond there) of complacent Apps that haven't had an update in a couple of years.

This is actually something that Android devs at work are jealous of. On android a single problematic version is likely to stain your rating forever, as people use 1 star ratings "new update broke it" as a way to complain and often never changing their vote when its fixed. Basically both approaches have their own merits.

Comment can we stop? (Score 5, Interesting) 430

Can we stop with all those irrelevant politics? Trump won, elections are over. When he starts doing something there may be topics for further discussion, but now its just a waste of time. While there may be some people that are still coping with the results, lets keep this stuff out of slashdo as its for tech stories not social studies.

Comment Re:Unlimited data, speed tiers (Score 1) 222

To go this way you would need some way to actually offer something resembling advertised speeds to all customers. Unfortunately signal strength would put some of them permanently in the lowest tier and then they would complain that they dont get what they paid for - technical limitations dont work for this kind of people (and actually why should normal user need to "measure" their own maximum net speed?)

Comment Re:There are some advantages (Score 1) 276

Intel had some "fairly good" DRM in their chips for years now. The problem is that no one really bothers, at least in mass market - DRM that only works on some machines is much more bothersome then just using one of software level ones (eg PlayReady) that will be accepted by majors. After all to be reasonable you need to support whole os as asking users "what type of processor do you have" is likely to give you pretty bad results.
Theoretically Intel could get sort of exclusive from majors for 4k (as in "you need this drm for 4k"), but I doubt it. Intel only has dominance in pc market and I expect skipping other platforms (eg smart tv) would not be very popular idea.

Comment Re:How much is the fine for false information? (Score 2) 129

"The ABS will certainly try to force compliance—fines range from AUS$1800 (~£1,000 or ~$1,370) for providing false information to AUS$180 per day for failing to submit the form. But the agency will have no real way to verify the answers provided by those who do complete the form as accurate. Failure to vote in the Federal Election last month resulted in only a AUS$20 fine."

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 37

Post by the researcher is quite nice and understandable.
Basically Avast opens a local port for the purpose of interprocess communication (or RPC to be specific). It listens to properly formatted post requests (that can be easily sent from another page you open) and performs some actions from predefined list. One of those actions allows to launch this weird "safe" browser with an arbitrary url. Since Avast removed some chromium safety feature it allowed launching dev tools with some arbitrary controlling javascript, allowing acces to local files, doing requests using stored cookies etc.
Other application are generally not affected, because they dont provide this local port, so they cant be remotely launched in an easy way (Avast command list is limited, so you cant launch random stuff).

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