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Submission + - Bringing students to Free and Open Source. (

jargon82 writes: Bringing new, intelligent minds to the ranks of the Free and Open Source community is an important task, and recently some members of this community got together to help spread the knowledge. Asheesh Laroia of the openhatch knows this better than most. The project's goal is to make it easier for anyone with an interest to jump right in and contribute to Free and Open Source Software projects.
To this end, and with some help, an event was held in Philadelphia to bring undergraduates into the FOSS world.

This event took place at the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and involved thirty students from Penn and beyond. These students were hand picked: Each of them applied for a spot at the event, and the only those who were the most excited were chosen to take part. The 2 day long event (the article only covers the first day) aimed to teach these students how to be a part of the community and apply their own skills to the myriad of projects out there, through four modules in online communication, how to get, build, and modify source, project organization, and basic Linux and command line skills.

Events like this point towards a bright future for Free and Open Source software.

Submission + - PA School laptop spying, 1000s of pics found. ( 1

jargon82 writes: You may remember the story not long ago about Lower Merion School district in Pennsylvania, USA allegedly spying on students via webcams in the school issued laptops. Well, some of the results are in, and they are interesting. includes the following: 'The material disclosed by the district contains hundreds of photos of Robbins and his family members — "including pictures of Blake partially undressed and of Blake sleeping," the motion states.'

While it seems clear the school is very deeply in the wrong, there is still much debate as to how wrong and exactly what should be done about it. The good news is as a result of this story many schools have stepped back to take a look at their students privacy and worked to make it better, or assure that their programs don't interfere with it. is a call that went out from a district very near the incident explaining their stance on it.

There have been numerous stories posted on slashdot about this particular incident, and this is merely the latest information on it. Links here.

Submission + - School spying on student webcams

jargon82 writes: A Pennsylvania high school is using laptops they issued to students to spy on them in homes and outside of school. According to a class action filling the webcams and microphones in these laptops could be remotely activated by school officials, and have been used in this role. One student was accused of "improper behavior in his home" and the school provided a photo taken via his laptop as proof.
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Submission + - freenode irc network purchased by yahoo

jargon82 writes: In an interesting move, yahoo is purchasing the freenode irc network to expand their communications offerings. By integrating search technology into irc and developing ties to their web and chat systems, they expect to dramatically improve things like yahoo chat.

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