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Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 1) 568

You can do this without killing the ISPs even. The municipality can own the cable in the streets and on the poles, and bring it back to a POP where different ISPs can connect in. You want to switch from comcast to verizon? Someone moves a cable in the POP, and it's done.

I think this is the logical next step, as it'll be a bit easier to do this without the ISPs lobbying it away. (but still nearly impossible)

Comment Re:These people need to find jobs. (Score 5, Insightful) 202

The American Work Ethic? I'd say they have it. They're pedaling to keep things going.
I've met many of those protesting. You know what? Many of them do have jobs. They do have lives. They're there anyway because they know things are messed up.

In my city the protestors are feeding the homeless. They're doing good works, and they're encouraging discussion about the future of our nation. There is no possible way this is a bad thing. Why are there so many unemployed out there? It isn't because the employed don't care, it's because the employed are trying to keep their jobs.

Pedal away, SF.

Comment Re:PEBKAC (Score 1) 272

Lets consider though, if you did setup your parents/grandparents/whatever with linux. If they ran ubuntu, and a window (in firefox) popped up saying they were infected, would they still not fill in their credit card info? I realize it would look like a "windows" window, as do you, but would that really stop the clueless?

Maybe, but probably not. I'm not saying running linux won't make them at least a LITTLE more secure, but I doubt it would solve this issue in all cases, either. If anything, the popup blocker might. Maybe :)

Comment Re:Change your attitude first (Score 1) 261

Have you bought a house? Every house has it's quirks. Most of these are discovered after at least a few weeks of "use." Often, you can pay a little extra to fix or improve the quirks, or you can just live with them. I'd say the initial walkthroughs, the home inspections, etc, are not too far removed from reviews of games.

If the reviews all say it's terrible, it's crap, it's incomplete, you don't buy it. Just like the the home inspector tells you the furnace is likely to explode in a month or two, you don't buy the house.

On the other hand, the lack of being able to resell games, etc, does annoy the heck out of me. No, I wouldn't download a house, but I sure as heck want to be able to sell the one I bought when I'm done with it. And the garage should still come with it, even if I added it later :)

Submission + - Bringing students to Free and Open Source. (opensource.com)

jargon82 writes: Bringing new, intelligent minds to the ranks of the Free and Open Source community is an important task, and recently some members of this community got together to help spread the knowledge. Asheesh Laroia of the openhatch knows this better than most. The project's goal is to make it easier for anyone with an interest to jump right in and contribute to Free and Open Source Software projects.
To this end, and with some help, an event was held in Philadelphia to bring undergraduates into the FOSS world.

This event took place at the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and involved thirty students from Penn and beyond. These students were hand picked: Each of them applied for a spot at the event, and the only those who were the most excited were chosen to take part. The 2 day long event (the article only covers the first day) aimed to teach these students how to be a part of the community and apply their own skills to the myriad of projects out there, through four modules in online communication, how to get, build, and modify source, project organization, and basic Linux and command line skills.

Events like this point towards a bright future for Free and Open Source software.


Submission + - Factory to make biodiesel from chicken fat. (wsj.com)

telekon writes: "Tyson foods has finally found a use for chicken fat and leftover food grease that isn't McNuggets — they've partnered with Syntroleum to produce biodiesel from the stuff. Their first plant in Louisiana will be able to churn out 75 million gallons a year. The question is, will the exhaust smell like fried chicken? The Wall Street Journal has an article here, and NPR has a story here."

Submission + - Why no IRS site to prepare and submit tax returns? (irs.gov)

An anonymous reader writes: The IRS receives nearly 150M individual tax returns (2008) collecting around $1.4T (2007) with collection costs of about $0.48 per $100 (1980-2008). Assuming 0.1% of the IRS costs were allocated to a web interface for calculating and submitting individual tax returns then the total budget for the web interface would be 670M per year at $4.50 per individual return. $4.50/return is an insane budget. With $4.50 per return I can buy the following for every tax return: (a) $0.50 for 1 day on a vendor-supplied VPS server to do the *humor* complicated math of a tax return (b) $1 for a human to analyze/process issues detected on 1% of returns (c) $1.00: Tax prep, cross-check, and validation software backed by 200k hrs of design, 400k hrs of low level testing, and 400k hrs of user testing at $150/hr. What am I missing? Please refrain from obvious comment topics like politics, politicians, corruption, etc.

Comment Re:Immature and Gun Happy (Score 4, Informative) 1141

I'm an american, and outside law enforcement officers, I've seen perhaps 3 or 4 guns in private possession in my life. I suppose they must be out there somewhere, and I've sure heard stories that make me shake my head, but I think those stories get a little overblown with regards to how many of us own or carry a gun.

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