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Comment Re:Obsoletes Older XBox 360's - Thanks Microcrap! (Score 1) 176

Yah well, they may call the newer XBox 360's -' XBox 360's' but they aren't the same and the games being made now aren't the same either - I have an older XBox 360 and it flat out won't play the newer games.

Umm... what? I would really like to know what games your XBox 360 won't play, because I have an original Arcade (replacement for the Core system) as well as a newer but still discontinued Pro (just 2 years old) and both of them play every game I've tried recently without issue. Not to flame you or anything, but you really should cite not only what model/revision of 360 you have as well as what games it will not play, and what it does instead of playing them.


Comment Re:no (Score 1) 631

"Soldiers can't be charged with conduct unbecoming for bad behavior unless they are in uniform, so why should it be different?"

Absolutely, 100% wrong. They can. The fact that the individual works for a public service and not a private corporation is actually worse for their case, not better for it.

Correct. I work for a police organization and there are a great many things I simply cannot do in my private life (that could become public knowledge) that I could do while being employed by a private organization. With government/police/paramilitary organizations (and especially the one I work for) perception is everything, and you can get in serious shit for even small things if the perception of the thing gets out of proportion.

What I do on my own time no longer can only be considered as to what could be embarrassing to me, but also the organization I work for. It's unfortunate, but I've come to live with it (and it's not like I go out of my way to do stupid shit, particularly being a family man with teenage kids now).


Comment Re:Responsible reporting (Score 1) 509

Note as well that the headline of this writeup appears to be misleading. I read the article and nowhere does it say the German government is actually warning AGAINST using Firefox, they are simply warning the public of a security issue in the browser.

Specifically, the article states that the government is also warning people against switching browsers "willy nilly" every time a security hole is found because you never know what you'll be getting into. They're saying to be cautious if you're using Firefox and patch your browser with the security patch as soon as it's available.

Very responsible indeed on their part.


Comment Re:This Is Not Censorship At All (Score 1) 492

Nor are you restricted to using an iPhone as your cellular/handheld device.

You got an iPhone knowing that Apple has sole control over what you can and cannot put on it from their app store (jailbroken iPhones notwithstanding) so the onus is on you as a consumer at that point. There are numerous other choices to pick from with respect to cellular/wireless devices; just because you picked the one most locked down doesn't mean it's suddenly Apple's fault that you can't get apps that they don't approve of.


Comment Re:This Is Not Censorship At All (Score 1) 492

This is pretty much similar to Blockbuster "censoring" porn in their video rental stores.

You can get porn from other video rental stores, but it's Blockbuster's decision to not provide it from their stores. How does this infringe upon your rights at all? Don't like their stance on what they choose to carry in their own store? Don't provide them with your business. It's as simple as that.


Comment Re:Ubisoft? Pfft (Score 1) 497

If someone like Ubisoft does it, and it's just one more reason for people not to buy their crap, and they go under, maybe it will make other companies think twice before trying similar stupidity. Maybe.

No, it will just cause a failed Ubisoft and other game companies to scream "Pirates!" all the louder. What other reason could there possibly be for declining sales of the PC versions of their games? Certainly not the horrific methods they use to combat piracy causing problems for legitimate users... oh no.

Regardless of the reason for them potentially going under, namely their own stupidity, they will never cede that point. From here onward, the bogeyman will always be piracy.


Comment Re:Deja'vu (Score 2, Interesting) 107

However, as stated above, when you "redeem" your purchased Microsoft points on XBL to download something, if that download fails for whatever reason you can always start it again later.

If your internet connection goes down halfway through a download and doesn't come up until two days later, you can always go back to the XBL Marketplace, locate what you were downloading, and choose the option to download it again. WITHOUT paying more MS points for it. I really don't think MS can be held accountable for this, nor should they be.

While I enjoy kicking MS a bit as much as the next /.'er, this seems spurious at best. On top of that, how many people use XBL to download game addons/demos/videos/etc without any problems whatsoever? I highly doubt that poor download connections over XBL would be the fault of Microsoft in this case. I realize this is only anecdotal, but honestly some of the best download rates I've gotten are either from MS websites or over XBL (torrents notwithstanding).


Comment Re:DND had it's issues (Score 1) 189

The same can be said for any recreational activity, not just D&D.

Gambling, alcohol, video games, even sports. All of them can either be used in moderation with no detrimental effects to whomever is participating (and even be cathartic), or can be taken to extremes and take over your life. I could have taken your post and replaced every reference to D&D related activities with either WoW or slot machine references and the context would be exactly the same.

The problem isn't with the activity in question, it's with the person participating. Sorry to break it to you.


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