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Comment Re:So... it is really due to CPU's? Re:Wrong tag (Score 1) 288

if your front door had a lock that could be opened by anyone pushing a button clearly marked on the outside, and a robber pushed the button and came in, would you consider that a fault of the lock, the door, or the house?

It would be the fault of the eejit that set it up like that. Locks, doors and houses have no free will - it's not "the door's fault" that it works as designed.

Comment Stupid (Score 1) 278

This kind of study really annoys me. From the article:

>The researchers think the learning problems result from the drop in after-school actives with educational value.

In other words, it isn't actually video games that are the problem, but the kids doing less "after-school actives with educational value" - i.e. this is an issue for the parents.

I let my six year old son play his Playstation for some hours at the weekend, on the condition that every night he reads to me. Learning to read is hard work, using the Playstation to motivate him actually works really well. My son is learning to read much quicker than many of his classmates, thanks to the Playstation...

Comment NO NO NO NO NO (Score 0, Redundant) 367

This is stupid.

It sounds like a cool material, but the last thing we need is for something to make the idiot behind the wheel feel SAFER. A piece of spongy metal will not protect the pedestrian, cyclist or child when 2 tons of monster truck plow into it.

The best thing we could do for road safety is to put a six inch spike onto every steering wheel - you'd drive a helluva lot more carefully if you had that pressed into your chest as you hurtle down the freeway (BTW that's Max's idea, not mine).

Comment Experiment (Score 1, Funny) 77

What the researchers didn't know was that this was an experiment in itself. The question the experiment aimed to answer was "Do researchers have too much free time, and do they waste time which is paid for using taxpayers money?"

The full paper will be published in Scientific America once it has completed peer review.

Comment Office apts of declining importance? (Score 4, Interesting) 336

Is it just me or are office apps becoming increasingly unimportant.

Ten years ago I spent most of my computing time in some kind of office app. Now I rarely use them. And I receive fewer office documents via email.

Perhaps the office app is just dying? Are they just transition applications between a paper based office and a paperless one anyway?

Comment Re:If Obama is NOT the next president (Score 3, Insightful) 1912

But do you really think that the leaders of the other first world and developing countries are not the same kind of power-hungry, lying, cheating politicians, and that they will not work with others of the same ilk to get more power at your expense?

Actually, no I don't. And it is depressing that this kind of attitude is so prevalent in the USA today.

Comment Re:Obama - A template for future US politics? (Score 5, Insightful) 1912

at least by my count, below-the-belt attacks were at an all time high.

Can you elaborate? What do you consider to be "below-the-belt"? People mocking her when she said stupid things? People pointing out her lack of experience and knowledge? People laughing at her un-presidential mannerisms and speech?

Some people command respect. Palin isn't one of them.

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