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Comment Re:So... it is really due to CPU's? Re:Wrong tag (Score 1) 288

if your front door had a lock that could be opened by anyone pushing a button clearly marked on the outside, and a robber pushed the button and came in, would you consider that a fault of the lock, the door, or the house?

It would be the fault of the eejit that set it up like that. Locks, doors and houses have no free will - it's not "the door's fault" that it works as designed.

Comment NO NO NO NO NO (Score 0, Redundant) 367

This is stupid.

It sounds like a cool material, but the last thing we need is for something to make the idiot behind the wheel feel SAFER. A piece of spongy metal will not protect the pedestrian, cyclist or child when 2 tons of monster truck plow into it.

The best thing we could do for road safety is to put a six inch spike onto every steering wheel - you'd drive a helluva lot more carefully if you had that pressed into your chest as you hurtle down the freeway (BTW that's Max's idea, not mine).

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