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Submission + - Dice announces plans to sell Slashdot Media (arstechnica.com)

cjm571 writes: DHI Group—formerly known as Dice Holdings Incorporated prior to this April—announced plans this morning to sell the combination of Slashdot and SourceForge. The announcement was made as part of DHI’s 2Q15 financial results.

Comment Re:Files are not the best representation of code.. (Score 2) 137

Yep, but without the eye bleeding UI ;)

Another benefit of moving away from explicitly managing files is that the computer is probably in a better position than the user to decide how to present the code to the compiler / linker. It could also have benefits in source control where you could track the history of an individual function better (imagine if someone refactors a function from one file into another).

Comment Files are not the best representation of code... (Score 4, Insightful) 137

From the article:

Files are not the best representation of code, just a convenient serialization.

I've been thinking about this for a while and I think we do need a new generation of IDE which isn't based around showing source files in tabs, but rather code snippets (functions, class definitions etc.) on some kind of desktop. When I'm debugging code I don't want to jump through X files, I just want to see the X related functions so I can understand the programs flow etc.

Comment Middle Ground (Score 1) 473

There has to be some middle ground / compromise in this battle.

Producers need to acknowledge that making digital copies is not the same as physical theft.

Consumers need to acknowledge that massive wholesale copyright infringement isn't good.

How about limiting the copyright period for a work to when the producers has recovered their legitimate production costs * X (X to be debated)? Producers won't be driven out of business, consumers will get a chance to get their hands on the work for free in a reasonable time frame.

Comment University Networks *NOT* Blocking Student Project (Score 3, Informative) 167

A university spokesman said: “UCL does not approve of or condone this site. We therefore advised the student to take the site down, but he declined to do this. UCL has no jurisdiction over the site, as it is not UCL-hosted. We have, however, taken disciplinary action against the student for bringing the college into disrepute and he has been fined.”

Another triumph for Slashdot accuracy...

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