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Comment more improvements... (Score 1) 629

I would also add the following:
  • More Natalie Portman, (a gold bikini needs a prequel equal).
  • R2 should be a brand new model, already an old droid, give me a break.
  • No midichlorians.
  • No kids, (no kids were in the first ones).
  • Make Skywalker a rebellious late teen or young adult, (the new / old Han Solo)
  • Skywalker loved his mother, a single mother, never knew his father, mother doesn't talk about dad, (leave it a mystery).
  • Can move stuff and use the force but does know how or why, (uneducated on the Force), still make him the most connected to the force and powerful but don't measure it with midichlorians.
  • Make an obvious turning point to the darkside, (2 movies to do this was crap, once his mother died he should have blamed the Jedi for not letting him save her and kicked ass).
  • Have Padme die because of child birth, not of a broken heart, (have her fleeing from a battle, go into labor due to the stress, give birth, die and Yoda and Obi Wan hides the kids).
  • Make Leia older than Luke, (the shock factor), which also explains why Leia remembers mom but Luke doesn't.
  • Darth Maul should have be in till at least the second movie.

Too bad that the Star Wars universe is now so tarnished with JarJar, midichlorians and pre-school Jedi. The movies really fell short of what it could have been.

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