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Comment Re: As long as they're still allowed to use data.. (Score 1) 149

Bigotry in general is more about the systems that society has in place that combine to make it so that people with certain backgrounds are disadvantaged with respect to others. These systems are extremely varied and reinforced by a variety of societal traditions, personal prejudices, business practices, government practices, and more.

At an individual level, bigotry involves supporting and continuing those systems of oppression, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I will agree with that. But sometimes it feels like in the effort to remove bigotry (which I'm all for), some legitimate differences between groups of people (which aren't in place due to society) are getting covered over, even to our detriment.

Comment Re: As long as they're still allowed to use data.. (Score 1) 149

That's what I have learned about bigotry recently. I grew up thinking that bigotry was applying a conclusion to someone's behavior or outcome, which would only be true, if self reinforcing. But now being a bigot counts when applying a bias against a protected group, even if backed up research and data.

Comment Re:Does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious (Score 1) 164

And if you don't think Internet access is a limited quantity, I invite you to spend a summer in La Verkin, Utah -- Population 4,060, and not worth U.S. West's time to put in high speed network access for anyone.

It sounds like people in La Verkin do have internet access, just perhaps at the speeds you want. My point is that adding everyone in La Verkin doesn't reduce my ability to access the internet.

Comment Re:Does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious (Score 1) 164

Everyone -- absolutely everyone -- who is posting on Slashdot against the idea already has Internet access!
"I've got mine, and screw everyone else, even if getting a cut-down version would be astronomically better than what they currently have!"

The "I've got mine" attitude works a whole lot more for a limited commodity, not so well as adding another node to a network. Plus, given that this wireless Facebook access wouldn't allow for access to Slashdot, it's not hypocritical to the Slashdot crowd.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 2) 164

But since this offering doesn't prevent other ISPs from making competing offers (either free or for-pay), this offering simply provides people more choices which inherently cannot make them worse off.

But sometimes it does harm them. There's goodness in net neutrality. If a lower cost offering exists, which limits the information the people can get, they may not accept the full internet (even if available to them), because it will cost more. As a result the people are unknowingly harmed, because they won't chose to get full access to the plethora of ideas which exist on a net neutral internet.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

I'm afraid it could end up hurting compatibility and consistency of domain names

Right, and so when most people notice that the internet isn't working anymore, they'll get their tech savvy friends to fix the internet for them, which will involve using US based DNS again.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

But if other nations don't like our management of it, they'll fork it, and then we'd lose control anyhow, AND have potentially fractured standards.

It's not as simple as us controlling it versus "them" controlling it. Unfortunately, the us-vs-them portrayal resonates better as a compact political sound-bite.

I'm sorry, I can't tell if you're saying that as being a good thing, or a bad thing? Do you really think that if a country runs a different DNS service, that it won't just result in most every citizen trying to work around it to get to the "real" internet?

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