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Comment Re:Technobabble (Score 1) 164

I share your disinclination to get too excited about any widget that has only been made in an academic lab, but super-capacitors aren't theoretical or non-commercial. Look, you can buy 'em on Digikey: Now the magic nano-particle ink on the other hand... (I believe they can make it, but cost effectively?).

Comment Re:Online ruled out? (Score 1) 680

Until Yahoo kills the service and deletes all your data. But I'm sure they'd never kill Flickr the way they killed Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Video and deleted everyone's data, right?

Well of course this could (and eventually probably will happen), but there's nowhere absolutely safe for a physical copy either. Best to have at least one of each in my opinion. The odds of your house getting broken into or catching on fire or your backup HD just plain dying - not an everyday event but certainly well within the realm of reasonable threat. The odds of Flickr being shut down without notice or mistakenly deleting your account - also possible. The odds of both of those happening the same week? Comfortably low, IMHO.


Julian Assange's Online Dating Profile Leaked 334

Ponca City writes "The Telegraph reports that an online dating profile created by Julian Assange in 2006 has been unearthed from OKCupid disclosing that the WikiLeaks editor sought 'spirited, erotic' women 'from countries that have sustained political turmoil.' Writing under the pseudonym of British science fiction author Harry Harrison, Assange described himself as a 'passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual.' Assange said he was seeking a 'siren for [a] love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy' adding that he was 'directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated' and added enigmatically: 'I am DANGER, ACHTUNG.' Among Assange's listed interests were the 'structure of reality' and 'chopping up human brains' – although he added the caveat '(neuroscience background)' lest the latter put off potential admirers. 'I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil,' Assange wrote. 'Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK. Not only women!'"

Walmart Stores Get CCTV-Enabled, Breathalyzin' Wine Vending Machines 135

Select Pennsylvania Walmarts have found a way to work around the law prohibiting alcohol sales in grocery stores. It turns out the shortsighted legislature forgot to make it illegal to sell wine from a vending machine: "as long as the user is asked to take a breathalyzer test, swipe their state issued ID or Driver License, and then show their mug to a state official sitting somewhere in Harrisburg, who is keeping an eye on the proceedings via CCTV." I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner.
Role Playing (Games)

Torchlight II Announced For 2011 85

Runic Games has announced a sequel to the popular action RPG Torchlight, planned for release in Spring 2011. One notable improvement from the first game is Torchlight II's inclusion of online co-op play, with LAN support and a matchmaking system. "The sequel will feature an updated version of the Torchlight editor, randomized overworld areas complete with weather effects, random dungeons, a selection of pets, fishing, limitless loot, and a retirement system which will allow users to retire an older character and bestow some benefits of it to a newly created character." An MMO set in the Torchlight world is still in development.

Haptic Gaming Vest Simulates Punches, Shots, Stabbing 110

An anonymous reader writes "IEEE Spectrum reports that University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed a Tactile Gaming Vest that smacks and vibrates as players get shot in a game based on Half-Life 2. Four solenoid actuators in the chest and shoulders in front and two solenoids in the back give you the feeling of a simulated gunshot. In addition, vibrating eccentric-mass motors clustered against the shoulder blades make you feel a slashing effect as you get stabbed from behind. If this kind of vest could be linked to a movie while you watch it, the experience would be that much more exciting. Or as one of the creators put it, 'every time Bruce Willis gets shot, you feel it.'"

Comment Re:Symptoms versus infection (Score 1) 467

Actually, TFA was studying the effectiveness of OTC cough medications on relieving the *symptom* (i.e. coughing), and found that none of them did better than a placebo at making the patients cough less. So might as well stick with the hot water with lemon and honey (and preferably rum) - tastes better and works just as well.

Comment Re:I relize this was satire mostly.. (Score 1) 311

Maybe because the psychological benefits extend beyond accompanying the dog twice daily to the toilet? It is actually possible to spend time with the dog indoors as well. And having a dog-walking robot would enable people like me to actually get to experience some of those benefits. I won't even consider having a dog now, since it would be stuck inside the house alone for 9-10 hours a day, but if there were a robot to take it for walks and keep it company, it might be a possibility. (I figure that if toddlers see robots as peers, dogs will probably be ok with them too...)

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