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Comment Browser tabs get purged (Score 1) 17

Ah, the browser tab

Until you close your browser. Or until your browser purges the document from RAM.

Android tablets run the Android operating system. Netbooks made since Windows- and X11/Linux-based netbooks were discontinued at the end of 2012 run either Android or Chrome OS. These mobile operating systems, unlike desktop operating systems, don't regularly use a swap file. Instead, when the device is about to run out of RAM, running applications are given a chance to release memory to the OS before being terminated by the OOM killer. Web browsers on mobile operating systems will react to a "trim memory" event by purging a document loaded in another tab with the intent of reloading it later from the network once the user switches back to that tab. This reloading doesn't work if you happen to be offline when you switch back.

Comment Input on a Windows tablet? (Score 4, Informative) 113

"With a Windows laptop or tablet, you aren't tethered to a big-screen TV. You could theoretically take these PlayStation games anywhere"

The article says it requires a DualShock 4 controller. I don't see how that will work with all Windows tablets, especially seeing as ARM-based Windows tablets (like the Surface 1 and 2 non-Pro) allow only XInput controllers (that is, Xbox 360 controllers and one Logitech model).

Comment Re:Price Point (Score 1) 75

Now, looking at the Famicom PCB, it should be possible to make a clip-in or pass-through board that attaches to the video chip and produces the HDMI output, all while fitting in the original case. That would be a nice upgrade that people would buy and wouldn't cost too much.

That's called the Hi-Def NES board by Kevtris.

Comment Still need a dumper (Score 1) 75

Or you can just load up an original Xbox with a bunch of emulators.

To use an emulator, you need ROMs, and the only legal way to obtain ROMs of most NES games is by dumping your own cartridges pursuant to 17 USC 117 and foreign counterparts. A Retrode can dump Super NES, Genesis, and a few other systems with adapters. NES isn't among them. What do you recommend to dump NES?

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 160

you are pretty much tied in to what Canonical makes available on their apt repository (or whatever) unless you have a bit of technical ability.

Technically, it does take "a bit of technical ability" to copy and paste a PPA URL into Start > Settings > Software & Updates. But how does this "bit of technical ability" compare to what people normally do with a PC?

Comment Third-party Nougat ROM anyone? (Score 1) 160

The landfill will be full of Nexus 5 models.

I thought Nexus phones had an unlockable bootloader. In theory you can back up your data and the Google Play Store app, wipe and unlock, install a third-party Nougat ROM, and reinstall Google Play Store.

What they have seen with their camera sensors we people wouldn't believe. [...] All those moments will be lost in time

I thought sync to Google Drive was designed to prevent this loss.

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