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Comment Genealogies across multiple systems (Score 1) 109

You can always compute nested sets from adjacent lists like people are suggesting if the entire adjacent list is on one cloud or system, but you can lose a whole branch if you lose a link instead of only losing that one link if one supplier is non-conforming or offline. It's not fake or fluff, it's error minimizing.

Comment sarcastic meta-epistemology (Score 1) 470

The modern epistemic culture of research, like all cultures, is the apex of the form and cannot be improved upon &tc. From this glorious pinnacle surely there could be no blind spots, epistemological or actual. Everything I see through the perfect lens of the culture I belong to belongs to the culture I belong to, from which even an illiterate buffoon could extrapolate .... a swan.

Comment Re:Thanks Apple (Score 4, Informative) 553

What you just described - making a new product by slightly altering an existing one - happens in the food world all the time with no legal issues at all.
What you didn't describe but probably intended to - copying a bread recipe - also happens all the time with no legal issues at all. When either of these things happen, the baker is thrilled. Some of them actually publish books helping you infringe on their own products!
In short, your metaphor fails to map to the primary event in every way possible. Please stick to car metaphors in the future. It's traditional.

Comment Re:You are asking the wrong question (Score 4, Insightful) 284

Everybody thinks they know what restaurants do.
This is why so many otherwise smart people get into the restaurant business and then fail.

Forget the word restaurant.
Instead, think highly competitive, low volume, high mix, low margin, short lead-time manufacturing.
Think highly perishable inventory.

Accurate inventory, accurate predictions of future demand, and data driven product design make all the difference between success and failure.

Data collection and analysis is what really successful restaurants do. Or did you really think it was like Top Chef?

Comment Re:PR Stunt? (Score 1) 214

Oh, God, the foodies are posting on /. now. ...with the annoying pizza "must be cooked in a brick oven with exotic hardwoods in Brooklyn by a monk until it has burned spots all over it and then we throw arugula at it but we don't even say arugula anymore, we call it 'rocket' like the Brits, 'cause we're hip like that. Yeah, pizza needs to be super, super thin, and crispy as a stale matza with one teaspoon of sauce made exclusively from Amish Brandywine tomatoes topped with a few haphazard shavings of Piave, 'cause mozzarella is so over." Bullshit. Pizza is bread, not cracker. Pizza is no place for minimalism and a Spartan aesthetic.... load up the sauce and toppings, and run that shit through a regular stainless steel oven. Why on earth would I want a pizza that reeked of burned tree? And the big burned bubbles on you pizza? disgusting, and inedible. Not cool.

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