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Comment Re: Too quiet?? (Score 1) 382

Anyone steeping out into the road without looking visually risks killing one of the already millions of silent journeys conducted by cyclists. I unfortunately knew a victim of such an incident. Consequently any person blind or otherwise using traffic noise as a proxy for determining whether it is safe to step out into the road is a sociopath. It is never acceptable under any circumstances ever.

Comment Re:he's right (Score 1) 155

No IBM would wait till Ellison got the ruling he needed from the SCOTUS, then pounce. If copying the Java language is not allowed without paying fees then copying the SQL language without paying the appropriate fees is also not allowed.

IBM would just claim that they thought like most of the rest of the industry that languages where not protected like that which is why they are only bringing the case now.

Comment Re:Stop apologizing (Score 1, Flamebait) 291

There is a *WORLD* of difference between a genuine Celiac disease sufferer and trendy fad based gluten intolerance morons. The former I have all the sympathy in the world for. It is a really shitty condition to have. The latter I regard in the same light as Apollo hoxars, anti-vaccination and all other conspiracy and fad based things. These people I consider idiots and morons. They are the sorts of people that allow "alternative facts" to thrive. They are on the same level as Holocaust denial and I have an absolute disdain for their beliefs, and I am perfectly willing to say so.

Comment Re:What is up with this anti-gluten bullshit? (Score 0) 291

No gluten in oats my dear and I think you will find that oats are a grain... So want to explain to me why you are avoiding *ALL* grains then?

Nope you can't, it's just a food fad along the lines of antivax as far as I am concerned.

Let's put it this way if there was widespread gluten intolerance in the human population, given it has been part of the diet of homo-sapiens since they came into existence then you would have thought it would have come up long before now.

The anti-gluten fad is predicated in the false assessment that humans only started consuming gluten when we started farming about 10,000 years ago. Problem with that is the pre-farming hunter-gather societies where consuming grains as a part of their diet prior to that. That is what the *GATHER* bit is all about for crying out loud.

Comment Re:Wait.... (Score 1) 405

While I accept that as being the case. In any story I have ever seen printed in a paper or TV that I have inside information on (aka I had direct access to the story outside of what was being reported), what I have seen reported has *ALWAYS* been full of factual inaccuracies.

The easiest way to see how bad they are is to wait till next time they report on something technical/science in a field you are in. I ensure you that it will be full of mistakes.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 414

Almost a century, I kindly refer you to Cragside

First electrical power generation from a water turbine started in 1870 (it was the worlds first hydroelectric power station) to provide electric lighting using an arc-lamp which was replaced in 1880 with Swan incandescent lamps.

By my calculation that is 147 years, which is considerably longer than a century. Only an American could think that hydro power started with the Hoover dam.

Comment Re:Fuel cells are not the likely answer (Score 1) 212

I posted on this just the other day, but charge time is to a large extent a function of capacity.

That is if my car can go 600 miles on a full charge it does not matter if it takes 12 hours to charge because outside tag team driving I can't actually go that far without requiring breaks or becoming unsafe due to tiredness.

Sure it requires an extensive roll out of charging stations, especially at home, but that will happen, and think of all the jobs it would create :)

Comment Re:New tech... (Score 3, Interesting) 212

Not really what will do for the ICE car is fuel availability. Here in the UK we have gone from 37,500 filling stations in 1970 to 8,600 bu 2013 with further contractions since then. Heck by 2011 due to more fuel efficient cars and a recession we where burning less fuel in ICE than in 1970.

Basically "petrol stations" as we call them here operate on very thin margins, with many only profitable due to the shop they run. As the number of electric cars increases the demand for fuel will further fall, so more stations will close. This will then start having a network effect making electric cars ever more attractive because you don't need to go searching for a pump to fill up your ICE.

The average age of a passenger car in the EU is only 8 years (its a lot more in the USA. at nearly 12 years) which means that once it starts it will be very rapid, and my prediction is that average age of cars will start dropping as people ditch the ICE due to the hassles of filling up.

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