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Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 248

The difference between an e-Cat and an EM drive is that the plans for how to make an EM drive are free to anyone wanting to do so, and it appears several labs around the world annoyingly keep finding it works.

The e-Cat on the other hand is surrounded by secrecy with nobody allowed to know how the device works or what it looks like on the inside, and certainly no independent verification of it working.

That is the e-Cat is classical snake oil stuff with lots of secrecy. The EM drive however is the complete opposite.

Comment Re:Just two (of many) problems ... (Score 1) 130

The "problem" with the Eurofighter is that it was designed as an interceptor, and when it first came into service the argument was there was no need for an interceptor anymore because the cold war was over.

Thing is that Eurofighters are now being scrambled on a regular basis (well I was more aware exactly how often till they moved them out of Leuchars because you bloody well know when they take off on scramble) to intercept Russian planes flying around the coast of the UK.

So while it looked like an unneeded plane when it when into service, it is in fact required for exactly it's design purpose, at which it is pretty decent.

Comment Re:Bad Keyboard Still Possible (Score 1) 67

True, but the next step is to put a hub in the middle integrated into the USB stick. So you see a USB hub plugged into a port with a USB mass storage device and a USB keyboard attached. We are then right back to square one. I guess the firewall could be programmed to reject hubs to prevent this, but it's all getting rather messy. The better solution is to stop using USB anything to move data about; the network is the computer remember.

Comment Re:Long settled (at least in US) (Score 1) 139

This is the UK and basically if you can make the case that a certain level of language skills is required then you are entitled to discriminate on those grounds. Generally public facing roles fall into that category and the Judge has accepted Transport for London's argument that in an English speaking country it is reasonable that those offering services to the public have to be able to communicate adequately with them in the native language of the country.

If Uber's legal council told them they had a chance of winning then they need better legal council. Chances are the legal council told them they would loose but they insisted on proceeding.

Comment Re:Now this is very cool (Score 1) 306

I posted about this last time around. But here in the E.U. it is more or less impossible to exceed a 600 mile range while staying inside the working time directive for hours you can legally drive without taking breaks and the limit per day (worked out so we don't have people driving around tired and therefore a danger to the rest of us). Now working time directive only in theory applies to people in employment, but you have a crash having significantly exceeded those hours and it's grounds for prosecution (See Great Heck train crash as an example of how driving sleep deprived can get you into big trouble).

The basics are once you get to a range of 600-700 miles as long as it can be charged overnight the actual charge time becomes immaterial for 99.999% of journeys you will ever make. Put another way in 25 years of driving a 600 mile range would *never* have been even close to a problem.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

There is a simple reason for that. Any programming done on a CS course completes in a fraction of second no matter how inefficient it is. Where any programming done on a physics course will generally run for hours and if you give me more computing power I just make my simulation more realistic and it still runs for hours. Consequently I care about efficiency because if I get it wrong my simulation might take days instead of hours. Alternatively my simulation might take days and getting it wrong means it takes months.

Further the very best will most likely have done a course in numerical analysis. Anyone using Euler's method, Newton-Raphson or Gaussian elimination should be taken out the back and given a good beating with a clue stick before being allowed to code again.

Put another way if you don't know why a step size of 0.1 is a disaster waiting to happen step away from the keyboard.

Comment Re:Sealed for freshness (Score 2) 223

Sony have been doing waterproof 3.5mm stereo jack sockets for more than 30 years now. Can't remember at what point they lost the covers but it has been probably a decade at least. You can even get fully waterproof microUSB connectors that don't need a cover and I imagine someone already has a waterproof USB-C without a cover too.

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