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Comment Re:It's missing the full picture (Score 2) 197

It's a train, the idea that you carry the fuel required to power the train around on the train is shear nonsense.

  Any modern train and track is overhead electric and if the line is not electrified the first job is *TO* electrify it. There is some third rail stuff mostly in the south east of England and even there they are looking at the costs and practicalities of changing to overhead.

The basics are carrying fuel on train is idiotic in the extreme.

Comment Re:Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

The problem with falling back on WTO rules is that the UK is at this point in time not a signatory in it's own right to the WTO and cannot take up a WTO membership in it's own right until *AFTER* it has left the EU. If you are stupid enough to believe that you can leave the EU on Monday and join the WTO on Tuesday I have a bridge to sell you, currently in use over the Firth of Forth, needed some repairs recently but we have a shiny new one opening next year so it's going spare.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

I know a number of people myself included that would with a heavy heart vote yes given a second chance.

My support for the union as JK Rowling put it was not unconditional and although I was born in England I can happily trace my Scottish ancestry back as far as 1152 at which point the historical records run out. I am also in the meantime exploring the option of a Polish passport as an option of retaining an EU passport post Brexit.

Comment Re:The articles leave too much unanswered (Score 1) 294

Unfortunately it happens in the UK as well, where there is basically no profit to be had. So while it might look in the USA to be a greedy lets make money issue, the fact it happens elsewhere in the world under socialised health care suggests that the issue is personal related aka doctor, social worker etc. on power trips or something similar and nothing to do with money.

Try googling "Sally Clark" or "Trupti Patel" if you want to see how the medical profession can abuse it power and get off basically scott free.

Comment Re:What makes them worse (Score 1) 429

Where I live (aka Scotland) domestic cats have take the Scottish Wild Cat to the brink of extinction by interbreeding with them.

They are also in the UK killing somewhere in the region of 330 million small mammals, birds and reptiles, and are a leading cause of the decline in garden birds in the UK.

Nasty horrible things domestic cats

Comment Re:Crazy (Score 1) 136

The government failed because to introduce personal use exception because it did not follow the rules and was using a statutory instrument rather than primary legislation. I would note that the government lost in a UK court and not the ECJ. The basic rule that they lost against while an EU rule is that you cannot take away someones property (and the UK court decided that IP is property) without either giving compensation or having proper evidence that there would be no financial loss. They did neither of the above so it was ruled illegal because it was a statutory instrument and not a piece of primary legislation.

There are a range of options open to the government to introduce a personal use exception that would be beyond legal challenge. It's not clear which route they will take, though with Brexit it may well now be on the back burner for the next decade as parliament is going to be very very busy dealing with the legislative fallout from that, so the simplest way to fix the problem pass a bill through parliament is probably out the window.

The next best one is to have evidence to show that a personal use exception would not cause any financial loss to the IP holders. This is the very very narrow point on which the government lost the case. In fact it was even narrower than that, as it was argued that the fair use/personal exception might encourage wider infringement leading to a financial loss to the IP holders and the government didn't have any evidence that this would not be the case.

I actually don't think it is hard to come up with that evidence and I also think that the lack of fair use exception makes it more likely I will infringe IP. Simply put in the UK it is just as illegal for me to rip a CD I own into MP3 format as it is to download it from some torrent site on the internet.

However you are totally correct about the 10 year penalty, you have to be doing the copyright infringement for commercial gain to be liable for that penalty. Better still if you make a copy of Taylor Swift's new album maximum damages are *ACTUAL* losses, which is less than £10, and hence never ever going to be prosecuted in a court.

Comment Re:Sanitation For The Win (Score 1) 30

We managed to eliminate Rabies in the British Isles aka UK and Ireland though it was all the UK at the time over 100 years ago.

I fact most of mainland Europe is rabies free, basically the EU/EEA pre 1992. Looks like tackling rabies east of the iron curtain was not a priority.

Anyway given that it can be done it just looks like it takes the appropriate will to do so, which is mostly about the application of money to the problem.

Comment Re:Ancient single use port (Score 4, Insightful) 761

Sony have been doing waterproof phones with a 3.5mm jack that needs no cover for several years now, so claims that they needed to get rid of it to make the phone waterproof are complete and total lies.

Heck the Z5 even comes with a waterproof microUSB socket that needs no cover. Add in some MicFlip cables and bingo the issue of microUSB not being reversible is also solved.

Comment Re:The problem with globalism (Score 1) 315

Is that why Poland, Romania and Hungry all lie above Italy in the Corruption Perceptions Index then? For example Poland also lies above Spain and just below Portugal. While Portugal's score has been basically constant for some time now Poland's has been steadily rising and will soon overtake Portugal's.

In the end basically yet more uniformed Brexiter nonsense.

Another way to look at it is that sure it has cost us money to anchor the former Warsaw Pact countries firmly in the west's sphere of influence, but I remember the 1970's and 1980's and frankly the price is well worth it, many many times over.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 1) 315

Let me answer Q1 for you, the British government will still be subject to the European Convention on Human Rights and thus rulings from the European Court of Human Rights will still override British law. All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with the EU. I will give you bonus points if you can mention a case where the British Government lost a case in the European Court of Justice (that's the EU court) without using Google. We have lost very few of these over the last 40+ years and they almost all stem from us literally being the dirty man of Europe, aka polluting like mad.

Let me answer Q2 for you, net migration from the EU was only half of that 300,000 people. So if we can't avoid the 150,000 from outside the EU which we have complete control over what on earth makes you think that by leaving the EU we would be able to magically remove the 150,000 net migration from the EU?

These are typical uniformed Brexiter nonsense beliefs of course.

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