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Comment Re: Sweet (Score 1) 313

Right you are talking out your backside there on the Sony front, speaking as a Z1 Compact owner, with a sister with a Z3 Compact and her husband with a Z5 Compact.

Basically Sony have been doing waterproof with a 3.5mm jack "something" for decades, and the phones are no different. Everything *before* the Z5 had a cover for the microUSB and a magnetic charging connector.

The Z5 ditched the magnetic charging connector (which is a shame) and introduced a fully waterproof microUSB connector that does not need a cover.

Then after being first to the market with waterproof, they ditched it as everyone else started doing it. Way to go Sony not.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 101

Your assuming the replacement cost is the same as the purchase cost. For almost any IT thing I have ever seen in the last three decades the replacement cost is *ALWAYS* lower than the purchase cost. The idea that a 4k OLED TV will cost the same in 8 years time as it does today is a frankly ludicrous suggestion.

I would love to buy and OLED TV, problem for me is the smallest sized ones are still way to big for my lounge.

Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 104

If gas turbines are so great remind me why their are diesel versions of the T-80, and that the T-84 and T-90 which are it's successors are all diesel?

So the reality is that the gas turbines are not really a good solution for tanks. It's like the overlapping wheels of Tiger tanks. Yes better performance in theory, but the real world pokes it head in and you are better off with a simpler more reliable design.

Comment Re:How much... MORE THAN YOU THINK (Score 1) 124

I don't know where those figures come from but they are a pile of rubbish. The digital master of a movie could probably be held for well under a $100 a year. An LTO7 tape has a raw capacity of 6TB and costs around 120USD, keep in a cool room has a shelf life of over a decade. Consumes *ZERO* power during that time. A huge 10000 slot library so it can be recalled without human intervention will consume around 1kW of power. Though to be fair a single frame would consume pretty much the same.

Whoever came up with that $12,000 a year needs the sack for gross incompetence.

Comment Re:Nexus (Score 1) 81

Maybe the responsibility should rest on the buyer, but legally they are not. It's the responsibility of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to collect VAT on imported goods, and the responsibility of the the seller if they are anywhere inside the E.U. Quite what happens if a good destined for the UK enters the EU at a port outside the UK is anybodies guess.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 256

And those people need to eat less than someone who exercises. However you seem to have missed the "AND/OR" bit of the statement.

Everyone who is "overweight" who eats less and maintains the eating less will over the long term loose weight and it will stay off.

Everyone is "overweight" who maintains the same level of food consumption but increases their exercise and maintains that increase in exercise will over the long term loose weight and it will stay off. I note here that a Tour de France cyclist will typically eat around 10,000 Calories a day and they are most definitely not overweight.

People do "Yo-Yo" weight gains on diets because they loose weight on a calorie controlled diet and then when they get to their target weight go back to over eating. It might be that gut microbes can have an effect to how fast they put the weight back on, but if they maintain the reduced calorie intake they will not put the weight on.

Comment Tablets (Score 1) 102

Never brought anything on a phone, brought quite a bit on a tablet though. Seems the article does not think there is anything between a full desktop/laptop and a phone, which surely everyone on slashdot is going to be puzzled by.

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