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Comment Our change is better than your change (Score 3, Insightful) 198

Naturally languages change over time. Some of us want English to be a better language, with sensible and consistent usage, with precision and grace; and we are working toward that goal. If you wish to campaign for sloppy language, you are welcome to that as well, but it is illogical to campaign for your changes while saying we have no right to seek ours.

Comment Re:Windows 10 = Malware (Score 2) 224

Wrong plural. "Malware" like software, hardware, firmware, and information, is a mass noun. You do not have "two informations" nor do you have "two malwares" or "two softwares" or "two firmwares" -- you have two pieces of information, two pieces of malware, two pieces of software, and two pieces of firmware.

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