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Comment Re:Isn't this just reinventing the bus? (Score 1) 124

This is exactly like a bus. A Taxi is a point to point system. A bus is a multi stop system where the route is developed to provide maximum usage and convenience. The difference here is the route is developed on the fly. It still has the same features as a bus route, but now they know exactly where the bus needs to be, and not just guessing the most convenient place. Originally bus routes were designed to replace trolley lines, which had to follow preinstalled tracks. The bus allowed for changes over time as usage dictated. This new concept takes it a step further, and makes the route changes in real time.

Comment Re:Figures seem too low... (Score 2) 65

This is for the English language version, which is dominated by people in the USA. The Dallas Cowboys would be far far more popular than anyone playing Association Football. Now, most American's would go to some other web site to find information on the Cowboys. Messi is probably as high as he is in the rankings from people wondering who he even is.

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