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Comment Too smart for his own good (Score 4, Interesting) 299

I worked for someone with a pathetic leadership style. He would ask for a project estimate, and we would do a good job developing the estimate. The estimate might be for 3 months of work. He would do his own analysis, and decide it will take 2 days. So he gives us 2 days, and we are late after that. He might have the skills to do it in 2 days, but my team did not. The bigger problem is he thought he was so smart that that he understood the requirements better than we did. Well, everyone would jump through hoops trying to get it done quickly, and screw it up so bad it took twice as long as the original estimate to complete and fix. He thought this was a great motivational tool, since it had everyone working like crazy. Problem is they were being very inefficient, and wasting time and money. Not to mention that being constantly stressed out didn't help their health or promote teamwork.

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