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Comment Re:Java sucks (Score 2) 155

Projects written in every language will turn into something impossible to maintain over time. I have maintained old systems in many languages. They all become crap. People take short cuts all the time to solve some short term issue, which causes major problems down the road. No one wants to pay to rewrite crap code later, since they invested big bucks in creating it in the first place. Some "latest and greatest" language comes along, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. The next one comes, and everyone jumps ship. The old system is now maintained by other people who can't understand why the original people wrote such a mess. I have had to repair ridiculous code in so many different languages its just beyond belief. I hear so many people say "this is the greatest language, lets us it". They are just choosing the language that they know well, not always the one that best fits the requirement. Most of the code ever written is just a pile of crap jammed together until it works.

Comment No one tests software on a slow connection (Score 4, Insightful) 325

I have the same problem with smartphone apps. If you don't have the highest LTE connection possible, the app is a pain to use. Go to a rural area, and you may not even get it to open. Web sites are the same way. They give developers super fast connections, and they develop applications that require that speed. They don't put them on slow networks and test to see if they are even useful on a basic level.

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