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Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

the main reasons the dam was built was to provide a water supply and flood control.

Well which was it? Water supply would mean you'd keep it as full as possible. Flood control means the opposite. Given what's going on, i.e., worse flooding than if the dam hadn't been there, even if it doesn't fail, it's fairly clear that flood control was given almost zero priority in operating this dam.

Comment Re:My DZ09 (Score 1) 406

Available for €14.99. Isn't it unbelievable that such a thing is available for the price of a couple of cups of coffee?

You compare the Apple Watch to €7.50 cups of coffee. For this DZ09, the comparison should be to the price of a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee granules plus maybe a little milk and sugar, i.e., about €0.10.

Comment Re:Ha-Ha! (Score 4, Informative) 277

Programs trapping Ctrl-C as an exception are exceptionally lazy - there should be a more "front end" way to quit. Originally Ctrl-C was just to kill, not to gracefully shut-down.

In a purely TTY environment there's usually only CTRL-C and CTRL-\ to generate signals (SIGINT and SIGQUIT) that processes can catch. (CTRL-Z generates SIGSTOP which can't be caught.) What's so lazy about using one of those? Of the two, CTRL-C is clearly the most appropriate if supported by the environment. What do you mean by "front end" here? If you mean some non-TTY-based mechanism then, sorry, that's not always an option.

Comment This Kills Autofill (Score 4, Interesting) 112

The only responsible action for the browser companies to do is to kill off autofill. There's no reliable way for the browser to be sure the user can see which fields have been autofilled. Any attempt to popup and warn the user is going to be annoying, reduce the convenience of the feature, be confusing and people will just click-through 99% of the time anyway. This is why we can't have nice things.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 103

Burn-in is the issue for OLED displays. It's not a problem for watching movies but I wouldn't buy a current-gen OLED for a computer monitor or for video games.

Another OLED issue is that the blue pixels wear out faster than the red and green, leading to a colour shift over time.

I give very little weight to anecdotal evidence on these issues, and there's plenty around. I want to see specs from the manufacturers or, even better, from independent testers, that give brightness reduction numbers for each of red, green and blue.

Comment The Decline of Big Media has been Noticed (Score 1) 360

This is the government realising that the internet is taking control of ideas away from big media and giving it to the people ... of the whole world. Unfortunately some of the people are apparently paid by the Russian government and that's going to be hard to deal with. Big media is relatively easy for the government to control, or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, neither of them like the change in the status quo. Luckily for those in the US, you have strong constitutional protections for free speech.

Comment Re:Not new, just a holiday reminder PSA (Score 1) 179

The precise details of the Earth's rotation just aren't that important, except to a few hundred professional telescope operators

My guess is that there are way more navigators than astronomers who need accurate time. Navigation is essential for safety. Sure, celestial navigation is only a backup for GPS these days but I think we'd all prefer that there was a backup available. The US Navy certainly thinks so. At the equator, four seconds makes a difference of one nautical mile.

The US has been pushing for the abandonment of leap seconds for some years but has so far failed to have the standard changed.

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