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Journal Journal: Life rolls on...

Well, I've finally landed a wonderful job doing Linux and Windows client administration here in Burlington, WI. NEL Frequency Controls, Inc. makes crystal oscillators that stand up to very tight tollerances. I'm using Samba for file and printer sharing and soon as a domain controller. Soon I'll have some LTSP style clients deployed as well :)

I've been studying how to use Wine to run Microsoft applications on Linux.

I've given up trying to sell air cleaners, although I really love mine :)

I'm running for an officer position in the Milwaukee Linux Group this weekend. I'm one of 8 candidates for 5 positions. I'm also trying to arrange to have local Linux meetings out here in Burlington at my office's lunch room. We would have a video projector and broadband Internet :)

That's all for now...

Oh, and my cell phone is dark for a while... best to use my home phone number of 262-763-7696.

-Joe Baker

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Journal Journal: Air Purification

I've been using this air purification system from Alpine Industries and marketed by
I've become a distributor in thier multi-level marketing system. So if anybody in SE Wisconsin wants to try one of these units out, let me know.

They have a unique Ionization method:
They use a Radio Frequency signal to ionize the air with positive and negative ions up to 60 feet from the unit. The idea behind ionizing for air purification is to make the particles cling to one another and hopefully they will drop out of the air. In practice, this seems to work well.

Using Ozone to combat odors:
I used the unit in a small bathroom where I was sanding shelves and painting them. The ozone worked well at eliminating the odors that would have otherwise overwhelmed our house.

Ionization in the Bedroom:
My wife usually has headaches in the morning and she has not had them since using this air purification system in the bedroom.

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Journal Journal: Moving & Pitching Linux

I'm getting ready to purchase my first Home at the end of this month. We are moving to Burlington, Wisconsin.

Also, I'm in the midst of proposing that Milwaukee County and the Department of Transportation use Linux Thin Client technology instead of Citrix.

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