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Comment US Weather Warfare Against World (Score 0) 373

US AirForce connections are needed. Correct information needs to get to those who are unknowingly leading an arial spraying assault which will wipe most of humanity from the surface of the Earth.

For nearly a decade I've paid some attention to the skies where certian non-commercial jets which don't show up on the commercial maps of current traffic are filling the skies with particulate matter.

One of the best explanations I've seen for this behavior is found at (0) http://geoengineeringwatch.com...

Apparently out catastrophic severe weather is being geo-engineered in part by these jet trails.

Another source of useful information is http://theglobalreality.com/ where Josh Reeves has mentioned one of the payload disbursments is sulferhexaflouride. This payload has 23,900 times the effect of CO2 gas (1) (2)

It appears that the US is desperately trying to keep this information un-reported by the main stream media. It appears that the US is trying to hold the rest of the world hostage to their demands using horrible weather, earthquakes as threats.

I would appreciate any tips that can lead to finding those in charge of of the chemtrail campaign in the skies. jb@joebitcoin.org and PGP key ID (4).

There is little time to effect change, in fact it may be too late already.

Add to all this that US employees in the weather forcasting industry are under a gag order (3).
(0) Weather Engineering watchdog site http://geoengineeringwatch.com...
(1) SulferHexaflouride https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
(2) Aresol spraying of SulferHexaflouride 23,600 times more than CO2 http://www.ipcc.ch/publication...
(3) Gag Order http://www.geoengineeringwatch...
(4) What can I do http://www.geoengineeringwatch...
(4) PGP Public key ID for jb@joebitcoin.org https://sks-keyservers.net/pks...

Comment Block Payments to ISPs that block PirateBay (Score 1) 113

It's simple...
Block institutional payments to ISPs that block sites that link to Pirate bay proxies.

They are blocking freedom of speech.
And charge the ISPs for the inconvenience by noticing them of a fee structure. There should be something in the peering agreements that can be levereged.

Comment But the police are criminals too... (Score 1) 122

Just wait till police officer's, bankers, politician's faces are recognized by this technology as THE CRIMINALS.

Oh, and imagine the ramifications for false positives!

This won't be handled under civil lawsuits.

The ramifications of this go very deep.

There will be alternative databases of information to search against..

Comment Re:Possible Solution (Score 1) 92

A problem with this solution is that some claim there is a 250 billion dollar industry in nuclear waste containment, plus governments like to use the nuclear waste for weapons. So there are financial interests at stake. On the other hand the world would have a nice reduction in the cost of living if they could just get an under water robot with a hydrogen flame down to treat those nuclear waste rods.

Comment Possible Solution (Score 1) 92

Has anyone else seen the info where it's claimed that nuclear waste rods are dispelled of their radiation rapidly when exposed to a hydron/oxygen flame (Also called Brown's Gas by welders).

I ran across this information some years ago when I was experimenting with adding hydrogen to my car's engine.

So here's a web site where they make te case for the technique:

I'd appreciate any constructive comments.

Comment Cutting Internet = War Crime? (Score 1) 156

Under certian circumstances might we all agree that a people have the right to emergency communication when under oppression?

Perhaps a certian human rights document needs to be unanimously agreed to in modern times which includes unubstructed secret communications with anyone in the world or beyond.

Just my 2cents worth...

Comment The Odd Case of Bakersfield, California (Score 1) 305

In Bakersfield California you had a town so conditioned to fear crime out of near by Los Angeles, that the desire for a "Tough on Crime" DA got them Ed Jagles. Ed Jagles and his buddies have been alleged to have falsely accused and falsely convicted many of sexual assault on children. So consider that some who are whistle blowers in a community might be branded sexual predictors just as a way to make their lives difficult.

Thankfully Ed Jagles chose not to run for office again after all the heat about an illegal warrentless break in to a house in the community which was caught on tape and had gone viral on the Internet.

Comment They cannot lawfully do this. (Score 1) 178

All one has to do is to make the case that their life would be endangered by being a whistle blower to government corruption if the government knew where their vehicle was at all times. Or explain cases where there is spousal abuse where the aggressor bribes a government worker, or pays a hacker to hack in and disclose the whereabouts of the spouse.

Besides one had a right to travel anonymously and rights cannot be converted into privileges nor can they be taken away.

Brazil was pretty cool with their uptake of Open Source Software. But this sounds pretty damn lame to me in terms of civil liberties.

Governments around the world are loosing their ability to totally control the reality experience of the common individual. Thank you very much for for trying to entertain us, but we have lives to live here on this planet and beyond - leave us be.

Governments are illusions for the delusional.
Snap out of it!

Comment Illogicial (Score 1) 1025

Disconnect from the emotion of this issue and try to think logically and I will too.

If vaccines allegedly protect children from viruses by infecting them,
And a child A has been vaccinated,
how can child B who has not been vaccinated be a threat to a protected child?

And is not Child A a threat to child B because Child A is carrying a live virus?

Do they not report that sometimes innoculations will actually cause the very outcome which they are designed to protect against?

Do you really have a good basis to trust your government?

How do you know that what they are putting inside you isn't intended to make you more controllable?

I would defend myself against innoculations as strongly as if someone were coming at me with a knife.
That's just how I think of it.

We've been conditioned to be very emotional about this issue. I hope we can someday lay aside the emotion and rationally discuss this.

Comment Re:Change your Wifi Mac Address via drivers? (Score 1) 559

Your mac address identifies your hardware. When you take it places, and if there is an effort to geo position the data of where all the mac addresses are / have been, it tracks movements of laptops and wireless devices. Mac addresses are typically only thought to be important for the local subnet. Outside of the gateway, the return mac addresses gets replaced at pretty much every hop along the way.


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