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Comment Re:Still profit-neutral (Score 1) 70

this " opportunities for expansion are finite" is somewhat true. the is an absolute upper bound on available land to build, and cash flow. but in practice, they are growing and re-investing. the could push out fedex,walmart, bestbuy, other grocery stores, samsclub, costco, barns & noble, and many others. oh, and clothing stores, transportation sector like trucking, whoever makes corrugated boxes and bubble warp. then they start buying out the producers, so no more proctor & gamble, just Amazon store brand. the practicle amount of growth they could potentially sustain seems nearly unbounded, to the point of being almost infinite, within the constrains of time and space here on earth.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 436

except, in a sense some are. there was a push in my city, not long after they first rolled out uber here, sign up drivers, and do a car loan as part of the deal. car payment comes out of driving profits. have to keep driving to pay for the car. now with new lower rates, have to drive longer, take more rides just to break even. at one point it was $1.10 per mile plus time etc... to drive, it was profitable. then they dropped it to $.75/mile. it still feels profitable, mostly due to not taking taxes out right away. after ubers cut, taxes, maintenance, and gas, it works out to like $.50 - $1 for most rides actual profit.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 436

They don't just show up wait a minute declare it a lost fair and drive off. except,they changed it awhile back. drivers have to sit and wait 10 minutes ( i usually wait 11 because 9 min 50 seconds does not count) to be paid. if uber sends the default "driver is here" text, i text you and try to call you with no response after 3 minutes its 99% going to be a waste of my time. so yes we will show up. we will try to contact you. and we will wait, unless its a busy night, and fell better of just dumping for chance at next fare. but even then you were not out waiting. just call another uber.

Comment Re: I think it's fair (Score 1) 178

People don't work a second job to survive, they do it to improve their life and afford extra things. That's not always true. I am stuck paying child support, and buying the family healthcare plan at work, evean though i have a plan that is nearly free with the VA, and dependant has medicaid because mother is super poor. SO, yeah, i need uber $$ just to pay bills. Didn't want to depend on it, but has come to that. Oh, so get a better job.... yeah let go pluck one from the job tree.

Comment Re:Why does every story need a villian and a victm (Score 1) 214

you only get Tricare after you retire from doing 20+ years, or maybe medically discharged with a disability. Yes, if you make 35k a year or less you can sign up for reduced cost care from the VA, but it not the same thing. just simply finishing your first term and getting out does not qualify you for free healthcare for life.

Comment Re:No Monopoly There... (Score 1) 76

see here is the fallacy. the vast majority of people have 1 or maybe 2 providers where they live. if it is 2 it's usually dsl vs cable. so in all practivle terms for maybe 90% of America only 1 isp serves any given location. yes there are more than 1 providers across the land. and more to the point, the map provided by Time warner/comcast showed they only overlapped service by a very small percentage.

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