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Comment Re:I hate bad journalism like this... (Score 1) 404 I admit, It's the daily mail. But do you have any sources for your claims? Or just name calling? Any ship that can run diesel (pretty much all of them) can run bunker fuel. They switch to cleaner fuels to meet regulations when coming in to certain ports, thats about it. I'm not claiming every cruise ship uses bunker fuel, but some obviously seem to. Here's more: , and here:

Comment Re:I hate bad journalism like this... (Score 3, Informative) 404

Most cruise ships are powered by bunker fuel, an extremely low-quality, high-polluting fuel blend. Carnival first experimented with scrubbers several years ago, installing a system on a Holland America ship, Tom Dow, Carnival's vice-president for public affairs, explains. However, it took up too much space and released large amounts of polluted wastewater. Carnival scrapped the program. No, cruise ships predominately use bunker fuel. Source:

Comment Re:Here on Slashdot, SJW Work is Never Done (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Bullshit, I've been reading this since before 9/11. While I will admit that articles "like this" were not nearly as common back then, there was a ton of other not really relevant or great stuff back then too. Remember Jon Katz? This site was always a mix of democrats and conservatives, with a socially liberal, fiscally conservative lean if you had to assign it one. This summary doesn't beg some kind of SJW agenda either, it simply begs a question. How is asking how demographics in the workplace changed being a "justice warrior"? I think a lot of people are sort of mystified why there aren't more women in tech (usually those who don't actually work in it).

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