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Comment Re:Hey, where have I seen that plane before? (Score 4, Insightful) 223

If you are spending a ton of money on something you'll probably never use, and what's more, of no productive use at all, you might as well cut costs by stealing designs of that from the retards who developed it first and spend the savings on something useful. Seriously, when are we going to evolve from that stage where we are still inventing new ways to throw rocks at each other?

Comment Who's this nutcase? (Score 1) 707

India and Pakistan had nukes and still went to war over Kargil. There is a good, big list of nuclear close calls during cold war. If you think nuke close calls are preferable to World Wars, your brain is totally and completely cooked. And the Sanest Country in History is actually the only one ever to detonate a nuke in anger. Two, actually.
No major states went to war since WW2? I'd say, let the Superpower clowns screw each other until their rear ends bleed, but leave the poor developing countries to develop in peace. We don't want Cuba or Vietnam or Cambodia or Chile or Nicaragua or Palestine squeezed because big and benevolent America can't wave her(?) dong at Russia which had Peacekeeping nukes.
If you can make the case that nukes led to global peace, I can make the case that Nazism rid the world of Colonialism. Please stop glorifying these academic nuts with coverage.

Comment Re:A masked crusader is always a masked clown... (Score 1) 157

See, he was a evil monster who balanced Sovs against America. If you are a morally upright superhero, then you are really an angel or a comic book character. No human can stand up to high levels of moral rectitude and still do things superheroes do. They call the Comedian in Watchmen a superhero. Not to mention Adrian Veidt.

Submission + - Micro-machines To Start Making Medicine Inside Our Bodies (

Diggester writes: A group of scientists from MIT and the University of British Columbia have struck one for the good guys.

They have created "mini-factories" that can be programmed to produce different types of proteins and ,when implanted into living cells, it should distribute those proteins throughout the body. The scientists have initially triggered these "factories" into action through the use of a laser light to relay the message of which proteins to produce.


Making Saltwater Drinkable With Graphene 303

An anonymous reader writes "Graphene once again proves that it is quite possibly the most miraculous material known to man, this time by making saltwater drinkable. The process was developed by a group of MIT researchers who realized that graphene allowed for the creation of an incredibly precise sieve. Basically, the regular atomic structure of graphene means that you can create holes of any size, for example the size of a single molecule of water. Using this process scientist can desalinate saltwater 1,000 times faster than the Reverse Osmosis technique."

Comment Apple rolls, others stumble and skid.. (Score 1) 204

Why does everything named Apple look so smooth and polished while other tech companies seem to be in a perpetual mess? Apple makes great products, makes great comebacks, settles even lawsuits suavely. Used to admire Google, but they are no longer the style statement they used to be. Oracle is of course, to a tech illiterate hackernews-reading wannabe, a patent troll.
Hardware Hacking

Turning Your E-Reader Into a Cheap Tablet 193

grahamsaa writes "NPR's Weekend Edition aired a story today on how rooting the Nook Color can turn it into a full fledged and relatively inexpensive Android tablet. The story claims that the process takes about half an hour, and only requires the purchase of a Nook and a microSD card, and points listeners to a YouTube tutorial on how to root the device. Could this signal a change in how mainstream users see devices like this? Could rooting Android devices like the Nook ever become mainstream?" We ran a story about this in December, and I haven't seen a flood of hacked readers anywhere so I doubt that tablet makers have anything to worry about.

Submission + - Friends Don't Let Geek Friends Do Finance

theodp writes: If Vivek Wadhwa remade Pinocchio, instead of The Coachman luring naughty boys to Pleasure Island to engage in mischievous behavior and be transformed into donkeys, you might find Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein luring bright engineering grads to Wall Street to, well, engage in mischievous behavior and be transformed into, well, asses. While the practice of poaching engineering talent slowed after the economy tanked in 2008, Wadhwa is dismayed to report that thanks to hundred-billion-dollar taxpayer bailouts, investment banks have recovered and gone back to their old, greedy ways, snagging engineering grads who might otherwise solve the world's problems, making them financial offers they can't refuse, and morphing them into quants, investment bankers and management consultants. 'Not only are the investment banks siphoning off hundreds of billions of dollars from our economy with financial gimmicks like CDOs,' writes Wadhwa, 'they are using our best engineering graduates [25% of MIT grads in '06] to help them do it. This is the talent that our country has invested so much resource in producing.' He concludes: 'Let's save the world by keeping our engineers out of finance. We need them to, instead, develop new types of medical devices, renewable energy sources, and ways for sustaining the environment and purifying water, and to start companies that help America keep its innovative edge.' Amen, but how 'ya gonna keep 'em down on the Engineering farm after they've seen Wall Street?

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