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Comment Re: Amazing (Score 4, Insightful) 375

I've had insurance since I was born, I'm in my 50s, and my cost of insurance jumped 4 times since obamacare. My employer dropped it because insurance rates soared, so I no longer had matching, plus the regular rate better than doubled. And that is for insurance that covers almost nothing until I spend 28,000 because there are virtually NO doctors in the network. And NC has NO options, only Blue Cross. We used to have over half a dozen. My cost of insurance and overall healthcare went from being 5-10% of my income to over 1/3. So fuck your socialized healthcare that says responsible people have to pay insurance for irresponsible people that don't like to work. I'm fine helping those that can't help themselves, but this current bullshit is killing the middle class. You know, the people making 50k a year and pay the highest percentage of their income as tax because they don't make enough to shelter it. But then, that was the original plan, wasn't it? Make a system so god damn bad people would beg for a single payer. Guess what? You got Trump instead, so suck it up Dr. Buttercup. You have no fucking clue the pain this system has caused to hard working, middle American, blue collar people.

Comment Pushing up daisies (Score 0) 285

We don't just want you dead, we want you pushing up daisies. Literally.

Totally stupid. Like someone else said, the role of the military is to kill people and break stuff. Nothing else. Not nation building, not inventing environmentally friendly ways to kill. The goal should be to use the military sparingly, then when you do, use the most effective tools to do the ugly but necessary job.

Comment If only we can erase Trump's presence 2008-2016 (Score -1, Flamebait) 110

If only we can erase Trump's presence during those same two terms, we'd be getting somewhere. His outlandish commentary on Obama was embarrasses my country.

I actually really liked the fact that Obama used social media to connect to the younger generation. It can be used for good, or evil, by politicians.

Comment Re:I am not going to complain (Score 1) 181

Speaking as someone who has been involved over a decade as an active admin, the main office is drunk with power and cash. They have deleted many of the photos showing Gardner waving around wads of cash, which were very crass photos to begin with. Volunteers are treated like second class citizens unless you are in the inner circle. How they do fund raising and the way they blow money on "feel good, tree hugging" type events is disgraceful.

Comment Plot too thin, just like a dictionary (Score 1) 381

I have the first three, and I have read parts of all of them. Especially "Sorting and Searching".

It's reference material. You read it when you need it to get a much (much) better understanding of what you need to do to solve a problem. That's the point of reference material -- you don't have to read it except for the parts you need. That leaves your brain free to think of important things, like where you left your coffee cup.

Comment Re:$15-$18 million of real money or FIFA money? (Score 1) 149

IIRC, the glider case says that bots are illegal, due to copyright since it has to technically copy the code to run in memory, when you don't have a license to run it. And there are similar issues with selling your characters.

Here's what I'm wondering, though: if this is considered fraud, and EA can pursue it, then EA is stating their in-game currency is worth real money. If it's worth real money, they can't simply forbid it from being sold. If they claim it's theirs (which virtually every game maker does) and has zero value (which virtually every game maker does), having it worth a real value could force it to be declared legal to sell characters and in-game currency for real-world money. Doctrine of first sale and so on.

Comment Re:That sounds like a lot of power to make oil (Score 1) 181

Plants pull carbon from both the ground and the air. Rich topsoil is full of carbon by definition.

Thus Human->ground (assuming you mean whole, preserved corpses going into the ground) doesn't really mean much, and means even less when you consider that sequestering bodies in caskets isn't done in most places (preferring non-preserving, or burning), the meat that is buried is insignificant. Even with 55 million humans dying per year, consider that we kill over 50 billion chickens every year, 40 million cows, and 100 million pigs. All of those are also eating plants, so they're consuming carbon. If what you said about them being carbon sinks was correct, we wouldn't have the issues with atmospheric carbon that we do.

In other words, that is not the cycle.

Some of our waste is just thrown in the ground, but that is not a good way to treat it. In order to prevent water contamination and diseases, our waste is filtered, blended, treated with bacteria, methane reclaimed, dried, chopped up, treated to remove pathogens, and used as fertilizer or otherwise churned back into the soil. Basically, it's fed to plants, and it goes back to us one way or another, in an altered form. Some of it goes right back into the atmosphere.

Comment That sounds like a lot of power to make oil (Score 2) 181

It sure sounds like it's not a cost effective way of making oil, but it might be very cost and space effective in sewage treatment.

It would be carbon neutral, very fast in comparison to traditional treatment, and sounds like there's no methane release (an issue in normal sewage treatment). If they can separate it on site, they can use the fuel generated to power the plant.

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