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Comment Re:Cold Fusion News (Score 2) 315

E-Cat is bullshit. The most prevalent isotope of nickel is Ni-58. If could somehow add a proton to Ni-58 you would get copper 59, (Cu-59). Cu-59 has an 81.5 second half life and decays to Ni-59 via positron emission. Nickel 59 is unstable and decays via electron capture to cobalt 59 (Co-59) with a half life if 76,000 years. The second most prevalent isotope of nickel is nickel-60 (Ni-60). If you add somehow add a proton to Ni-60 it becomes copper 61 (Cu-61) which decays to nickel 61 (Ni-61) via positron emission with a half life of three hours and 18 minutes. If Rossi's E-Cat reactor works as advertised then after a few hours of operation you could remove the fuel samples (assuming that it was nickel with the isotope ratios observed in nature) and expect to find copper 59, cobalt 59, copper 63 (from adding a proton to Ni-62) and copper 65 (from adding a proton to Ni-64). You would also expect to have very detectible radioactive emissions while the E-Catalyzer was running. And yet there are no radioactive decay products and Rossi won't allow anyone to test his apparatus by providing their own samples of hydrogen and nickel and then analyzing the byproducts. For E-Cat to work everything we know about beta decay and the weak nuclear force would have to be wrong. I'll bet on over 100 years of observations of nuclear interactions any day of the week over some bullshit being spun by a sleazy fraud like Rossi.

Comment Re:Update to Godwin's law? (Score 1) 575

Yeah, fuck you asshole. Seriously. The PATRIOT act was passed by Bush and the Republicans, who also went on an eight year spending spree and ran up massive deficits, just that great conservative hero Ronald Reagan. Then there's that other great Republican hero Richard M. Nixon, who instituted wage and price controls, ran up up massive debts, spied on Americans who disagreed with him and was so out of control that even J. Edgar Hoover told him to fuck off, which is why the plumbers unit that tried to pull of the Watergate burglaries was formed. If we had a Republican president doing the same things you wouldn't be saying a single fucking word about it. You'd be down on your knees with his cock in your mouth sucking as hard as you could while he rubbed his flag pin and talked about Jeebus.

Comment Re:Test string here: (Score 4, Informative) 399

Most sshd daemons aren't configured to accept just any environment variables, they limit exposure with an AcceptEnv directive in the sshd configuration file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config on most Linux versions. This means that

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' ssh some_user@some_server

probably won't work on most systems but

env LC_FRED='() { :;}; echo vulnerable ssh some_user@some_server'

will if the server is configured to accept the LC_* environment variables with the AcceptEnv directive in sshd_config.

Comment RTFM you lazy bitch. (Score -1) 80

Seriously, RTFM. There are lots of documents online about how to create your own AMI and upload it to EC2, or you could use one of the prebuilt AMIs available in the Amazon EC2 marketplace, customize it to your needs and then convert it to an AMI. Once you have that you can use the Amazon CLI and script these tasks with bash, or you could use the AWS gem and do it with Ruby, or you could use the Python (Boto) SDK. I think that there's a PERL API as well, but I'll let you do the searching for it, you lazy sack of crap.

Comment Fuck Paul Verhoeven (Score 0) 726

That piece of shit made a shit movie that was basically took the title of Starship Troopers and some ideas from the book and wrapped it around an updated version of Robocop. Heinlein was trying to make serious points in his book but Verhoeven either couldn't see that, or more likely, didn't care and made a movie that shit all over Heinlein's book.

Comment Re:Makes we wonder about Japan and the nukes deplo (Score 1) 586

I suggest you look at the photos/videos of nuclear tests that the governments of the US and USSR have helpfully provided. Unless they could fake all that in the fifties, including all the glass-lined craters you can tour now, considerably more than two weapons successfully detonated, even if only those two were fired in anger.

Well George Pal was pretty awesome, plus the government was spending a lot of money on SFX back in the 1950s because they knew they were going to need the technology to fake moon landings in the 1960s.

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