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Comment El Nino (Score 1, Insightful) 412

Did they forget to mention this is quite a strong El Nino year? The last El Nino of similar strength was 1999, from memory, which kicked off the pause. El Nino is followed by la Nina, which cools the globe, so next year we won't have these tedious articles about short term spikes in weather masquerading as climate.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 614

Oddly enough as a real engineer I've seen my pay increase every year since 1998, except for two years after the gfc. Now, I do have to negotiate that pay rise,and I imagine the shareholders would rather I didn't get it, but if I didn't get an increasing number of beer vouchers each year I'd go and work for someone else.

So pay rises do exist, at least for some mechanical engineers.

Comment Re:Nornal Maintance (Score 1) 271

Nope. Failure of a spherical ball joint that works in compression does not necessarily cause anything other than a clunking noise, and bad static geometry (lots of camber in this case).

These joints fail soon after the boots split, boots typically split because of overtravel, wrong material choice, or occasionally a moulding fault.

Comment But permies get holidays (Score 1) 59

That's nice. I'm a salaried mechanical engineer for a large company on 137k (it just went up while I wasn't looking) plus a car plus a pension. I work 40.0 hours a week and get 5 weeks annual leave a year, and 18 sick days and 12 flex days. Much like you I have turned down management jobs, tres boring, too many hours doing budgets and meetings and dealing with people.

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