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Comment Re:Commands lines (Score 5, Informative) 250

OR, you could:

1) move mouse to upper left corner
2) click the thingy
3) type "ter"
4) hit enter

You can even skip 1 and 2 by pushing your windows (or whatever you want to call it) button, which acts like the upper corner thingy.

Comment Re:Why so much fuss? (Score 3, Insightful) 156

They're afraid that a Fiat or a Mitsubishi coming back to the states without a dealer presence will just use a combination of the internet and maybe some Apple Store-style mall showrooms to eat their lunch, shipping the cars out of central depots, and avoiding all of the overhead of traditional dealerships.

Comment Re:Spot on (Score 1) 156

Just because FooCo sold franchise rights to its dealers doesn't mean that BarCo should be legally required to create franchises. That doesn't protect FooCo's franchises from FooCo's bullshit, it doesn't protect consumers from FooCo or BarCo, and it's against the most fundamental tenets of free enterprise.

There are good reasons to create franchise networks, but they should have to compete with other models. The current system was put in place for only one purpose: to artificially create a need for dealers.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 385

First, you are wrong. Ha! Got you there, fucker. Let's see how you come back from that.

Second, I honestly don't care if your snippy comments and "sparing" us the trouble of finding it on wikipedia ourselves get you some cheap karma. But while you're at it, oh arbiter of internet fame, why don't you try searching slashdot and count how many articles have been posted about systemd in the last year? Maybe even click on one and see how the befuddled masses were able to cope with such arcane information?

TL;DR: No, you.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 385

Tell me about it. The summary starts with "Linux creator Linus Torvalds..." this supposed to mean something to me? Couldn't the supposed "editors" have at least given me a link to help me figure out what a "linux" is and why we should care what this Torvalds character thinks?

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