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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Starcraft 2 Drops LAN Support, Battle.net Only (gamespot.com) 2

Kemeno writes: Blizzard has announced that they will be dropping LAN support for Starcraft II, citing piracy and quality concerns. Instead, ALL multiplayer games will be hosted through their new Battle.net service. I suppose I shouldn't be suprised by this move, but wasn't LAN play how the original Starcraft became popular? It's the only way I ever played it, and I don't see why Blizzard would alienate casual LAN gamers in favor of forcing their new service upon everyone (well, except for more profit, of course).

Comment Re:Once upon a time (Score 1) 618

90 percent of onboard/integrated audio cards are not suitable for professional/audiophile sound. Take for example the audiophile 2496 or the 192. A lot of onboard audio cards do not support 7.1 so you would need a Creative X-FI (not counting SPDIF). There still aren't any decent audiophile cards for under $100.

Submission + - Strict German Computer Crime Law Now in Effect (beskerming.com)

SkiifGeek writes: "With little fanfare, section 202c of the German computer crime laws came into effect over the weekend. Worryingly for Security professionals, the laws make the mere possession of (creates, obtains or provides access to, sells, yields, distributes or otherwise allows access to) many useful tools illegal. A similar law was proposed for the UK, however it was modified prior to passing through parliament due to the outcry from the industry.

Phenoelit, KisMAC, the CCC, and the Month of PHP Bugs are just some of the relatively high profile projects and groups to have already taken measures to remove or modify content under this law."

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