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Submission + - Ruby GEM Extensions with Rust

interval1066 writes: I've heard of rust from various sources around the net for a few years and never paid it much mind, there are so many new languages out now since my early days doing C programming, which what I've stuck to and made me my career. Now I'm heading a project that uses a RoR application to control a large series of sensors and controls in a manufacturing process. Naturally I want to talk to the hardware using a GEM extension written in C, as I've done before.

But another engineer who is not a fan of C (seems few younger engineers are) said he could write the extensions needed easily in Rust. Seems like this is a thing. I took a closer look at rust and it looks to me like another attempt at "C" without pointers, except rust does have a kind of pointer, it appears. I like its ranking on a list of fastest languages, and it seems pretty simple with an initial tool footprint that is quite small.

But what are the trade offs? Another language, and one that few engineers know (much like Vala, which I like very much but has the same small user base). What if I need another engineer to work on the code? I pretty much know what I can expect from C/C++, rust is a huge unknown, what if I run onto a roadblock? The engineer pushing for rust is emphatic, should I bulldoze him or take the plunge?

Submission + - Card Pleads 'Tolerance' for Film Adaptation ( 2

interval1066 writes: A story in Wired describes Orson Scott Card's quest for tolerance in response to a boycot for Gavin Hood's film adaption of "Ender's Game", saying that "The gay marriage issue is moot" in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. Card is a long time anti-gay and defense of marriage activist. I guess he didn't see this film and the box-office importance of wide appeal coming, did he?

Submission + - FBI snoops on US Citizens on US Soil (

interval1066 writes: The final pieces of the Big Brother puzzle have been fitted into place when FBI Director Robert Mueller told a Senate Judiciary Committee today that the FBI is surveilling Oceania with drones. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) replied "...drones were a huge privacy threat to Americans." This is the same senator who defended the Prism program. Like a frog in a soup pot, the frog doesn't know its cooked until its dead.

Submission + - EFF Tries to Keep DRM Out of HTML5

interval1066 writes: According to Boing Boing, the EFF have filed a "formal petition" to the W3 HTML WG Draft Charter that will "support playback of protected content". According to the Boing Boing article there was dissent among the W3 working group internally regarding this proposal. I should hope so, DRM goes against the very standards of openess that the W3 used to be vanguards for. What the hell happened, W3?

Submission + - Geek On: Kernel Modules with Autotools (

interval1066 writes: Twittech (not the technology commentators "" featuring Leo Laporte) has an instructable on something I was sure couldn't be done; kernel modules using autotools. Its answered a few questions regarding the process in my mind, such as, "can you build kernel mods without KBuild? (No, you still use it), and "Why aren't kernel mods build using autotools?" (Few people know how.). Its really only for the serious monkey wrenches in the tribe but its a decent technical departure from the usual lawsuit news that goes on.

Submission + - Electrostatic Contamination in Your Devices (

interval1066 writes: "I noticed earlier my Vizio lcd monitor output suddenly getting brighter, then dimming back down to "normal" after a second. I've generally made it a practice to blow the dust out of my devices 1) when I remember to do so 2) after about 3 or so years of use 3) when I can get inside the case. My monitor is very thin and difficult to open. When I did finally crack it open I didn't really notice a whole lot of dust, but I blew the thing out anyway and put it back together, and its doing ok, as far as I can tell.

I'd be interested in knowing other slashdotter's experience with maintaining their devices in this way and where possible. And I actually extending the life of my devices, or am I just wasting my time?"


Submission + - And the Noose Tightens (

interval1066 writes: "In a breathtaking new move by (another) little-known national security agency, the personal information of all US citizens will be available for casual perusal. The "National Counterterrorism Center" (I've never heard of this org) may now "examine the government files of U.S. citizens for possible criminal behavior, even if there is no reason to suspect them." This is different from past bureaucratic practice (never mind due process) in that a government agency not in the list of agencies approved to to certain things without due process may completely bypass due process and STORE (for up to 5 years) these records, the org doesn't need a warrant, or have any kind of over-site of any kind. They will be sifting through these records looking for "counter-insurgency activity", supposedly with an eye to prevention. If this doesn't wake you up and chill you to your very bone, not too sure there is anything that will anyway.
The story is behind a pay wall that I have access too so I copied the web page from the WSJ and put it in my public drop box folder."


Submission + - Calling all geeks (

interval1066 writes: "I have a friend working on an independant film about geeks dating and and the technology involved in that world. He's asking for people in the tech industry for interviews, he wants to put together a collection experiences from people who are or were single and relate their story. The above url is his kickstarter page and a simple page with information. If you would like a film credit please email him your contact infomration. He's also soliciting people who might like to donate production work."

Submission + - New Frog Species Found in NYC (

interval1066 writes: "Ars Technica reports that a paper by biologists Catherine E. Newmana, Jeremy A. Feinbergb, Leslie J. Risslerc, Joanna Burgerb, & H. Bradley Shaffer, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, describes a new subspecies of leopard frog has been found living exclusively in New York City. The researchers describe in the paper that the new frog has a distinctive croak, quite different from the two existing species of leopard frogs on the East Coast. The new frog is also stand-offish and tends to impotently honk their horns when stuck in traffic."

Submission + - Antenna in a Can is Here (

interval1066 writes: "A few months ago I described a nanotechnology that would allow users to spray an LCD on any surface. Turn a handy wall into a display, etc. The replies were that that particular technology was a century away, at least. Well, its no LCD but but how far can such a display be?"

Submission + - Professional Life after Conviction? 1

interval1066 writes: "I have an acquaintance who has in interesting story; for 8 years he lived as another person. He was able to manipulate the system and change his identity. He worked in IT, purchased a home, even got married as another person. He was recently caught and just finished 6 months in jail. He apparently didn't do this for financial gain, as the court wasn't able to show that he stole credit information or any such theft. For whatever reason he wanted to leave his proper identity behind. Now he has a criminal (though non-violent) record, and he's curious about his future prospects. Anyone have any intelligent thoughts on this?"

Submission + - Jonathan Schwartz twitters his resignation (

interval1066 writes: This pretty much ends the era of Sun. I remember when Sun was such a powerhouse, and a very cool place to work. I worked in the shadow of its Santa Clara, CA campus. I haven't been back for years, I wonder if it looks like a ghost town now...

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