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Comment Re:Man, I'm glad I got out of IT (Score 1) 331

There are some fields, such as banks and embedded work, where code bases stay around for a while. For example, at the bank where I worked, many of our Unix boxes were Solaris and AIX versions from 10+ years ago. Too old for my tastes. But still you worry that the longer you stay there, the more the rest of industry is leaving you behind and you might be stuck in this niche.

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 1) 771

true surround sound headset / speakers?

We already have that — binaural recordings work with normal stereo headphones. You only have two ears, so you only need two speakers.

There's something called Dolby Headphone, but all that does is mix 5.1 channels down to 2 channels in a fancy way, and it's essentially a software function that if implemented in the phone, can work with any stereo headphones.

Comment Re:too negative (Score 1) 349

Malaria has been around for tens of thousands of years, so it reached a stable plateau. The risk with a new disease is that it could take too long to understand how it's transmitted and how to prevent transmission.

Quarantine isn't a guarantee, as seen by the two health care workers who contracted Ebola in Texas when caring for a patient.

Comment Climate change causing extinction? (Score 3, Informative) 349

The summary is misleading. No article mentions extinctions due to climate change. A huge temperature change would cause migration towards the poles, and may cut food supply and kill some people, but not all.

The article that mentions the 10% figure (The Atlantic article) says that a pandemic is the most likely to cause extinction, eg. the 521AD plague killed 13 to 17% of the world's population. But that didn't make it into the sensational summary.

Comment Re:Noise-cancelling headphones (Score 1) 388

Yeah, I use three layers: 1) over-ear hearing protection like what chainsaw guys use, 2) in-ear earphones, 3) brown noise or rainstorm sounds, turned up as loud as need be.

I sold my $300 noise-cancelling headphones because they didn't do any better, and were much more fragile and harder to replace. (and I'm not an audiophile, I just wanted the noise-blocking)

Comment Re: First... BULLSHIT (Score 1) 223

Also, why wouldn't motivated advertisers identify multiple devices based on Facebook logins or the like? People often login to the same services on all their devices, and I imagine that those services are happy to increase their ad revenue by selling more detailed user data to advertisers.

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