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Journal Journal: mfh (56) Score:0, Loser 14

So last spring, I was reading slashdot, with sigs enabled, and I notice that a certain Mr. Mike Hughes, UID 56, is selling his /. account on ebay. I clicked through, and sure enough, it was there. I thought it was pretty funny. Especially the part of the listing description that read "if you ask Malda nicely, he will probably change the username for you", even though this was explicitly stated in the FAQ. It was a mildly amusing anecdote that I probabaly would never have thought about again.

Fast forward a few months. I'm reading some random article and some AC is dazzled by the low UID. Something sounded familiar, so I do a quick google for "slashdot 56". Lo and behold, the account does have a new owner! I went ahead and posted that bit of trivia.

Mike Hughes' successor was upset that I pointed this out, so he posts an anonymous "mod parent down!". I didn't give it any thought and went about my business.

Now a month later, I suddenly have 3 posts in a row modded down. Granted, none were really deserving of any great kudos, but they weren't really trolls either. I had the feeling maybe I was being "hunted". I couldn't think of anyone I had pissed off, except for ol' mfh. And I had read in someone's journal that your "foes" could not mod your comments. I decided to foe mfh.

After further consideration, I don't think mfh had anything to do with the moderations. But after I saw another AC response to the old post [see thread linked above], I've decided to leave him there on the foes list. I think it's exceptionally lame to buy another person's identity, and his posts lack insight anyway. He gets friended and modded up through groupthink and the illusion of being an old timer or through the magic of early posting. Fuck 'um.

And now you know the rest of the story...

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