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Comment decrypt the calls? (Score 1) 428

Now that GSM encryption is publicly breakable, could the calls from IMEI's not registered as belonging to the prison staff be automatically decrypted and recorded?
If they can't entirely prevent the problem of smuggling, at least this would help shed light on what was being discussed, and to whom. Perhaps useful at any parole board hearings?

Comment Airbags (Score 1) 230

So what happens to your iPad if the airbag in the steering wheel deploys ?

I imagine after it's fired into your face, you'd probably be entitled to a well deserved Darwin Award?

Comment MAJC missing? (Score 2, Interesting) 275

And what sort of thorough article would this be in missing out Sun Microsystems' MAJC chip from the 1990s ?

Promised to accelerate JAVA instructions, the chip was a multithreading multicore design (can you say Niagara?) but Sun couldn't get it to market fast enough and advances in general purpose CPUs left it for dead.

Sadly MAJC only made it into two models of Suns own-brand graphics cards before it was dropped, though it's design principles live on in Niagara and Rock.

Jack Thompson's Violent Game Bill Signed Into Law 368

simoniker writes "Louisiana Democratic Representative Roy Burrell's HB1381 bill, covering violent videogames, has been signed into law by Governor Kathleen Blanco. The law takes effect immediately, the latest in a very long line of video game-related bills specific to one U.S. State. The measure proposed by HB 1381, which was drafted with the help of controversial Florida attorney and anti-game activist Jack Thompson, allows a judge to rule on whether or not a videogame meets established criteria for being inappropriate for minors and be subsequently pulled from store shelves. A person found guilty of selling such a game to a minor would face fines ranging from $100 to $2,000, plus a prison term of up to one year. Needless to say, the ESA will likely be mounting a legal challenge to this bill in the very near future."

Comment Re:Research on Growing Teeth (Score 1) 340

If there are only two dentists, and we assume neither travel out of town to get there teeth seen to, and that neither are able to work on their own teeth.

I would have to go for the one with bad teeth, as he's obviously done some good work on the other guy.

The reverse also stands true, unless the guy with bad teeth has a phobia of dentists, as he would surely have had bad treatment from the bad dentist with the good teeth.

Or did I miss something ?

Comment Jon and Al Gore (Score 1) 295

Jon, are you related to Al Gore, the father of the Web? Maybe a clone in disguise?

Just wondering.

Your assertion that the web was created exclusively by men is at the very least as outrageous as Al's infamous comment.

Women have adopted the Web enthusiastically. Of course we make choices differently than men. Viva la difference!

Jon, and those who really believe women don't have an effect on the IT community, keep those shades on so you don't see us coming! If you're not old enough to know the famous song about boots being made for 'walkin, look it up, kiddo's!


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