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Comment Re:Let's talk about Trump now! (Score 1) 154

You don't vote for policies, do you?

If you ever made an effort to get involved with the legislature at the state level, you would be very surprised how easy it is to influence policy. Some state lawmakers saying getting just 1-3 letters about a bit of legislation can sway their vote on it. You should try it some time.

Comment Re:Main application? (Score 1) 79

The "Apple lossless" compression supported in iTunes and with iPods is basically just a re-branded FLAC codec, and compile by Apple to make it non-compatible with standard FLAC formats. ALAC can be easily transcoded FLAC and vice-versa, especially since ALAC has been open sourced. But it takes a lot longer than it should, considering they are both essentially using the same compression technique.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 202

everything you said plus, throwing the person who invented the "Get-TimeZone" style of pascal-dash-double-pascal-case-wtf commads out the nearest airlock.

Yep. I mean, there's an alias for dir, but does dir /h work? HELL NO! Try dir -force instead!

dir *.txt ? FORGET IT. dir -Include *.txt or dir -Include *.txt -Recurse

WHY create an alias for dir if nothing but the raw command works?!?!?!

Comment Re:OTA programming + a la carte "premium" content (Score 1) 86

You can run Windows Media Center on Windows 10. Some great guys have made a patched version which works well. Windows 10 gives you Netflix and Amazon on the same box. https://forums.mydigitallife.i... also there is this

Thanks for the links. I'm going to have to try out the WMC for Windows 10. Might be a way to keep that running for a bit longer, and an easier way to switch to streaming.

The Tablo looks interesting, but it's pretty the same thing as the SiliconDust tuner, except it only tunes ATSC and not QAM. SiliconDust does have some ATSC-only devices like that, but I'm already using one with the cable card. The SiliconDust DVR separates the recording devices from the tuner box, so I can record to a NAS and/or the WMC. So it's a little more versatile.

It would have been nice if SiliconDust had been able to deliver what they promised in their KickStarter. There have been no updates since August, and I'm starting to think they're just having a difficult time getting the licensing in place to support protected content. That's a shame because it would really be a great system, pretty much everything else is working.

Comment Re:OTA programming + a la carte "premium" content (Score 1) 86

A Tivo can do all of that. It has a cable card slot and can record and playback protected content. If you buy Tivo Minis you can access them on multiple TVs

All that does is replace my tuner. I already have a tuner, it works fine. I just need a front-end. I can watch anything coming from the tuner that's non-protected anywhere in the house, even on the FireTV stick.

A TiVo with less than half the recording space is $350, and another $150 for a mini. I can already do everything I want with the non-protected content, so no new functionality there. In fact with the SiliconDust I don't need a bunch of conversion stuff - it's already done. I can watch it anywhere, even over the Internet if I want to enable that.

Protected stuff still requires the WMC. That would be the only thing the TiVo would be replacing, only it would be less functional since the tuner is tied to the box.

Comment Re:OTA programming + a la carte "premium" content (Score 1) 86

Other than an easier way to snag OTA content, I'm not sure what this box offers. Most new TV's, home theater receivers, and blu-ray devices already offer a plethora of streaming options built right in (or you can just pick up a Roku or similar device). It would have to be an extremely compelling "experience" at an even more compelling price point to get any traction.

Yea I'm still waiting for the right box. Right now I'm running a Windows Media Center on Windows 7 (Microsoft has killed it off now), and I use a SiliconDust HDHomeRun tuner for cable. I have the really cheap Verizon plan that gives me all the local channels and a few others (USA, TNT, SyFy, HGTV - because the wife has to have it). It's not bad, but I still have to switch remotes and shut down WMC for Netflix / Prime / YouTube / whatever. But I still want to DVR those tuner shows. That's mostly network stuff, but I still want the others. The wife HAS to have Nat Geo so she can catch Alaska the Last Frontier and others, and that channel is still copy protected, so WMC it is.

SiliconDust has been working on DVR functionality for a really long time, and there is still no capability to record / watch the protected content, which is the missing piece. Nothing else can, either.

Comment Re:Typical enviro extremism (Score 0) 143

you know nothing. Mann's salary is public look it up, it was quite modest for a prominent scientists ~300K/yr, if I recall. If his grants are a like any normal university, half immediately goes to overhead. The remainder is divided over multiple years and pays for labor hours of his research team, who generally earn less than the private sector.

You have also selected one of the most prominent scientists in the world and are using that as a counter claim that AGW researchers are rich? Something tells me this is a typical investigative inquiry for all things you don't like, lol. You can't be taken seriously.

$300,000 a year salary sounds pretty rich to me. Certainly very affluent. Especially when you get to fly around to junkets and conferences and get all the nice health and retirement benefits that the State provides to administrators. So that salary doesn't even include the expense account and the benefits, nor does it include side money for giving speeches and publishing books (he has at least 3 commercial books that I'm aware of). So, yea, Mann has gotten rich off AGW alarmism, and he's not the only one.

I mean, what does he even do to EARN that salary, all supplied by taxpayers? How is he contributing to the education of all those UVA students that are going into massive debt to be there?

Comment Re: Environment Trumps money! (Score 1) 263

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

when I go in I show my ID and they look at their list to make sure I'm at the right place. You can't just walk in and cast a ballot.

Not all states require ID. Some require a photo ID, most do not. Many do not require ID. I found a source that shows the different requirements by state. Here in Virginia, where I work as an Election Officer, you must show a photo ID to vote. It's a good system, in spite of the many criticisms. It has survived all court challenges, primarily because we provide many various ways for a vote to obtain a photo ID without cost or onerous requirements. The registrar's office can even issue their own "for voting purposes only" photo ID, and voters are sometimes issued ID with very little documentation. The registrar has enough information from various state agencies to ensure that the person requesting the ID is legitimate just by asking a few questions and cross-referencing a few state databases. It's a really good system, and there have been folks that came into my polling station to vote that clearly should not be there. They never press the issue or cause problems, probably because they know they are not supposed to be there.

We do need to strengthen the entire process.

Yes, I totally agree with this. It was kind of my original point. Not that there are millions of non-citizens voting, but because it's so difficult to find out how many non-citizens are voting.

I find it hard to believe that the government wouldn't know who its citizens are, at some level in some department.

There have been efforts. eVerify is the primary one. It's not too bad, but there have been legitimate criticisms of it, because there is about a 10% false negative (that is, about 10% of eligible workers are reported as non-eligible to work in the US). The system was designed to verify workers are eligible for employment. That's WAY too high. So the planned mandates for employers never happened. We need to be better at this.

I get what you're saying about the local police and access to federal information. Personal encounters with law enforcement at any level can be fraught with complexities, and I don't want to see any increase in police action at that level. Just the opposite, as far as LEO access to data is concerned. I think this is where we have a fundamental disagreement in principle. I want a weaker Federal government that defers to states on many more issues. Cultures and values of people living in Vermont diverge significantly from the cultures and values of people living in Oklahoma. We should acknowledge that and reduce the role of the Federal government in those diverse issues. It would cause a lot less angst when a president is elected that wins most of the states but loses the popular vote in the densely populated coastal states.

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