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Comment Not on my Calendar :( (Score 1) 304

It must be time to get a new calendar! :)

$ calendar
Mar 31 Rene Descartes born, 1596, mathematician & philosopher
Mar 31 Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corp. founded, Phila, 1946
Mar 31 Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation (ARMM) released, 1993
Mar 31 National Day in Malta
Mar 31 Joseph Haydn is born in Rohrau, Austria, 1732
Mar 31 N'oubliez pas les Benjamin !
Mar 31 Bonne fÃte aux Benjamine !
Mar 31 Ã la saint Benjamin,
        Le mauvais temps prend fin.
Mar 31 Erstes Gesetz zur Gleichschaltung der LÃnder, 1933
Mar 31 Joseph Haydn in Rohrau geboren, 1732
Mar 31 ÃrpÃd
Mar 31 King Nangklao Memorial Day (àà±à(TM)à--ààà£àà¥àààzà£ààsàà--àààà"àààzà£àà(TM)à±ààààà¥àààààààààààà±à) in Thailand


Submission + - Japan: Before & After - Interactive (

imscarr writes: The coastline of Japan has drastically changed since the earthquake & tsunami. New bays have formed and many areas are completely flooded. These interactive before and after images show you the magnitude of devastation. Other photos here Cool tsunami video here

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