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Comment Re:As it should be... (Score 5, Interesting) 389

Well that's the whole point..
If you visit a link, you have no idea what that link is going to contain... You may follow an innocent looking link, and see childporn. Even if you immediately close the page, your browser has likely inserted the images into its local on-disk cache.

Similarly if you receive an email containing such content, it will typically be downloaded automatically to your machine, even if you immediately delete it upon noticing it there will still be traces on your drive for some time to come.

It's also possible for a website to load images but not make them visible, such images will still be cached by your browser but if they're not displayed your unlikely to realise they're there unless you explicitly check.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 3, Insightful) 389

Not really...
A single file was found in deleted space on this guy's machine, was he truly a criminal who intentionally sought out illegal material or did he have this single file on his machine through no fault or intention of his own? (eg browser cache, malware, spam etc)

At the very least, i'd expect someone who was actively looking for such material to have a lot more of it than just a single deleted file.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 95

IMDB is aggregating and republishing information that is already in the public domain, about people who have chosen a career that puts them in public view.

Instagram is using lawyer speak to claim they have a contract with kids parents, knowing full well that not only have the parents never even seen the agreement but neither the parents nor the kids would even understand it.

Comment Re:It happens, but way too commonly with google (Score 1) 150

If you're willing to pay big money for something, then you should be able to afford to continue maintaining an open source stack even if the original author has lost interest...
Just because something is expensive doesn't mean the vendor will keep maintaining it.. Many big vendors have dropped products over the years, or moved their customers to new versions with various disadvantages etc. If the code runs on your own hardware then you can keep running old versions, but it will become increasingly problematic and insecure.

On the other hand, if it's a proprietary service offered by someone else you are entirely beholden to that supplier to continue running the service and shouldn't become dependant on it.

Comment Re:Official statement from Adobe: (Score 4, Informative) 72

Flash gets targeted because its a monoculture, 95% of potential victims are running the same flash plugin with the same vulnerabilities, there aren't really any alternative flash plugins.
Targeting the browser is less effective these days as there are several major browsers and your potential victims could be using any of them.

Targeting IE instead of Firefox is still more effective as its a default install. Anyone running Firefox has generally gone out of their way to install it and is more likely to keep it up to date, users running IE are generally doing so just because it's there and are likely to be less tech savvy.
Back when IE had 95% of the browser market it was the obvious target.

Comment Re:Communism (Score 1) 134

You're right that its unsustainable, but every business that automates will only be thinking about their own bottom line and not about society as a whole. If they don't automate, they will be uncompetitive against others that do.
Consumers would need to vote with their feet and opt for the more expensive non automated suppliers in order to discourage the trend, but people wont because again they only think about their own bottom line.

Comment Wrong target (Score 1) 118

Trying to prevent reverse engineering is pointless, all you can do is make things more difficult and in doing so, making your code more complicated and harder to debug or potentially unreliable.
The fact is if you access something from a compromised device then you run the risk of whatever you're accessing being compromised too.

Comment Re:Strawmen and the obvious conclusion (Score 1) 48

I would quite happily watch the ad supported version (have been watching broadcast tv for years), if it provided a decent service...
Having to use specific devices to access the services, having a bunch of different services rather than a single standard usable from any compatible device (like broadcast tv), having drm etc is a big turn off.

Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 531

Fake news has always circulated, but before the only entities capable of spreading fake/manipulated news en masse were those in power... Regular people could only spread things on a very small scale so it didn't really have any effect.

People just need to learn to be cynical, and to do proper research before blindly believing what they read...

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 478

It does get you back up and running immediately if some other part of the system failed and not the drive, simply swap the good drive out of the failed system into a new system and boot.
I have done exactly this myself on a laptop (smashed screen), and we've done it at work several times due to faulty keyboards, bad batteries, broken screens, faulty motherboards etc. Only if the drive itself failed have we had to restore a backup onto a fresh drive.

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