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Submission + - DAAMIT R600 Monster

ijakings writes: "The Inquirer A EU based Tech website has some interesting news on the R600. I am going to attempt to run down their most recent news on this coveted card.

Firstly we have news that ATI have a plan to have 4 versions of the first, R600, Series of its DX10 generation. These four flavors are the Dragonshead, Dragonshead 2, the catseye, and the UFO (All codenames).

Some spy within the workings of ATI also managed to grab some pictures of this monster of a card. And I dont use the term monster lightly. Few people are going to have a case big enough to support the Dragonshead without breaking out the Dremel. But have no fear, DAAMIT's Dragonshead 2 at a lean 9.5 inches will save you.

I for one cant wait until this thing is released. Its looking to be the most powerful DX9 card ever and establish a firm foothold for DAAMIT in DX10."

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