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Comment Re:Google has an advantage (Score 3, Insightful) 249

Many of their services are built around advertising, which is a point that many seem to miss. At the end of the day google want eyeballs on their ads, and if offering x service at break even or a loss gets enough eyeballs to those ads to make a profit, they are doing well.

Obviously they can offer paid side services on top of this, like gmail for enterprise and google earth pro. Even android is about getting users on their platform, having their eyeballs where they want them.

Comment Re:Forget second hand (Score 1) 535

Please spare me yours.

You are lumping together everyone who pirates into the same group, which is ridiculous, people pirate for many different reasons, pre-release leaks, trying it out first, cant afford it right now but may well purchase in the future etc.

Im not trying to give you legitimate reasons for pirating, and im not trying to make out that it is legal or morally acceptable, but when you lump everyones reasons for doing it into one group, you are just as bad as the people who try and rationalise their decision to pirate.

Ive pirated games, sometimes for DRM reasons, sometimes because I wanted to get a true look at what they are like (Demo's tend to pimp only the very best points of a game and are hardly representative) but I also buy a hell of alot of games. Im not trying to say that pirating games is acceptable, im just saying that you are overly generalising, and it makes your point laughable.

Comment Re:Hmm ... (Score 1) 325

Its a nice little analogy, however as far as I am aware there arent laws prohibiting me from popping the hood of car and re-enabling these features.

Software companies have gotten this anti-circumvention BS in, and its only (As was always predicted) being used to shaft consumers at large, not the pirates who surprise surprise dont have to deal with it.

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